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Other blogging tools

Now that I've added support for categories, you'll see on the right side, under the "Categories" section, links to some other blogging tools available out there. I'd appreciate that if you use (or have used) any of them, to comment on them here specially regarding on which features you most liked from them... I've been also browsing pages like this, the forum for bBlog to see what people are having problems with and what they are suggesting as improvements (check out the "ideas" section) Feel free to share your thoughts here...

What is working... and what is not

Not too bad that there is already somebody interested in testing the development version in the CVS :) I thought it might be interesting to at least list all the features that are already working (as of today, 15th of July) and those basic ones that are not.

Things that working:
  • New posts can be added, categorized and published or kept as drafts for later edition.
  • Posts can be listed by using different filters (categories, status, etc) and deleted.
  • Optionally for every post, the platform can send an email to the poster notifying of new comments.
  • We can add as many posts categories as we need. Later on we will use these categories to classify all the different posts.
  • We can change some of the settings of the blog: language used to display the messages, name and description of the blog, template used to render the content, etc.
  • Comes with two templates: this yellowish flashy one and the default one.
The following things are considered basic but don't work yet or haven't been implemented yet:
  • Posts cannot be edited or previewed.
  • Categories cannot be deleted.
  • The 'blogroll' feature doesn't work yet. That is, we can't add our own favourite sites and links and categories to classify those links.
The next few days I'll probably contentrate on this list of not working features, to see if we can at least have a nice working version but without bells and whistles pretty soon. I'll keep you updated ;)

Welcome to the development journal

The next version of pLog has already enough functionality to be used as the development journal. That doesn't mean that it's ready!!! To be sincere, I'd actually say the opposite: it is far from 100% ready but we have to show somehow our progress and our product to the people stopping by our project site, and I couldn't really wait any more. I had to show the world what I was working on :)

Along with this first version, comes a new layout. Kind of flashy, I know :) I borrowed it from (check it out!!) because I was a bit tired of the old blueish one that comes by default with the old version... I have to admit it is a bit too flashy for a development site, but while we get a new one ready (there is already somebody working on it), why not demonstrate how easy it is to create a new style? It took me about 10 minutes to separate the template in blocks (header, body and footer) but it actually took me much longer to refine the stylesheet... Hopefully that's not a problem with pLog ;)

The plan is now to use this site to announce new versions, inform about the development status and also to hear your opinion. We'd like to know what you think, your ideas, problems you see with pLog and all that stuff. You know :) File releases and the project forums will still be accessed through the project page at SourceForge.

This first public working release of this development version is not yet available as a file release but instead via CVS. There is a reason for this: if I create a release for this in the project page, people will start downloading this one instead of the older (but stable) one and then we don't feel like getting plenty of bug reports complaining about things which we already know don't work (that is why this is a development version!) People who really know what they're doing and who know how to use CVS, please proceed :) In any case, we might change our mind later on if people are feeling too lazy to use CVS... By the way, I have tagged the version that I am using to type these lines as PLOG_UNSTABLE_20030714, in the plog_devel CVS branch. You have been warned... :)
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