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Another maintenance release: pLog 0.1.2

I uploaded yesterday to SourceForge the packages containing release 0.1.2. One of our readers from our forums noticed a bug in the code that takes care of sending trackback pings to hosts that support that feature. While fixing that bug, another important one related to receiving trackbacks was found and also fixed. It's only two bugs but I thought the problems were important enough to make another release. Get it from the usual place.
Happy p-logging! :)

pLog 0.1.1 released

The first maintenance release of the 0.1 series peacefully made its way to the download servers today and it is available for download in the downloads area. It is meant to be a maintenance release fixing a few bugs that were discovered after releasing 0.1, so it has no new features. The only interesting new things in this release are two additional translations of the texts, Japanese and German, thanks to the collaboration of two of our users (kudos to them on behalf of the team!) New translations are always welcome so please get in touch with us (forums or mail) if you're insterested in helping us out.
Have a look at the ChangeLog for more details about the changes in this version.
Happy blogging! At least while we finish version 0.2 :)

Developers are welcome :)

So far this has mainly been a one man project, although some people have greatly helped in areas such as documentation writing and bug hunting. However, it would be nice to have somebody helping out in a more or less regular way. Currently, the core features are there and they're stable. Many people out there are already using pLog, so it is time to start implementing the required features to make pLog consolidate as a viable and reliable blogging platform. People are also requesting very cool features and I wish I had time to do everything myself but unfortunately I can't. I can actually promise that everything will be there, sooner or later :), but things would go faster with some help.
You don't need a lot experience, since everything can be learnt along the way. Some knowledge of PHP and and basic concepts of object-oriented programming would be enough to start. Despite the topic calling for developers, if you don't like/don't know development, good designers are also welcome in order to create a nicer and unique default layout, as well as "beautifying" the administration interface. There's work for everybody! :) What do *you* think? :)

pLog 0.1 Released!

Final release of the 0.1 version. A few bugs were caught and fixed, but other than that, it is the same 0.1rc1 version that was released last week. Please see the Changelog for this version for more information. Documentation has also been updated and the packages are now smaller, since many unneeded files have been removed. Can be downloaded from here
These are the basic changes:
  • Now by default no network checks are performed when entering email address. If you wish to have that functionality back, please enable the "check_email_address_validity" setting in the configuration file. This setting has been reported to cause some problems and timeouts.
  • When entering a new link in the admin interface, if the user forgot to add the "http://" in front, it will be added.
  • A few strings from the default template had not been localized.
  • The texts for htmlarea were in Spanish rather than in English. Now they're back to English.
  • If htmlarea wasn't enabled, the help window wasn't working in the admin interface. That has been fixed.
If you think you've found another bug, please do not hesitate to let us know, either via the forums, mailing list, or the bug reporting interface provided by Sourceforge.
Happy blogging, and thanks to all the users who reported bugs and who are already running pLog!