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Another one of our users has contributed with an implementation of the Blogger API so that you can blog right from your desktop. The plugin supports all the methods of the API, as well as some other pLog-related features such as multiple blogs and categories, topics, etc, which were not originally included in the Blogger API. The plugin includes a thorough tutorial full of screenshots describing how to configure one of the most popular clients, w.bloggar, in order to use it with pLog. The plugin has been tested to work with w.bloggar as well as with Blogbuddy, but please drop us a line if you can get it working with any other client.

The plugin can be downloaded from here.


Since we launched the 0.2 release of pLog a few more extras have been added to the project, thanks also to our fantastic users who have been submitting new templates sets, logos, plugins and language files. The Extras section will be the central hub where to find all these goodies. Have a look!
UPDATE 21-11-2003: The "Send To Friend" plugin has been removed due to some strange problems. It will be back online as soon as those problems have been fixed. Drop us a line in the forums if you installed it and if somehow, your blog is not working anymore. (More)

pLog 0.2 is out!

pLog 0.2 has been released, marking the second important release of the project after the successful 0.1 branch. Of course, pLog 0.2 brings an impressive set of new features:

  • Speed improvements. pLog should feel now much faster than 0.1.x. In our tests, the time required to process a request was about 5-6 times faster
  • Improved administration interface. Now every single aspect of pLog can be controlled from the administration console. There is no need to edit configuration files anymore!
  • User levels, including normal users, blog owners and users with administrator permissions. Possibility to easily add/remove users from blogs.
  • Improved "Read More" feature. Now instead of abruptly cutting the post, you'll get two different text boxes when typing the post so that the user can choose what to show in the main page and what to show in the post page.
  • User comments can be auto formatted. Also, it is now possible to choose in which order user comments will appear, newest first or oldest first.
  • Easy interface to dynamicall add language files and theme packs.
  • Search-engine friendly URLs (only available when using Apache 1.3.x)
  • Improved plugin interface.
  • Bug Fixes

A few template sets and additional plugins have also been released, but have not been included in the main package. They can be found in the "Extras" section in the top menu bar.

Keep reading for more information or see the release notes for pLog 0.2 (More)