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More plugins

Alongside 0.2.1, two more plugins have been released: the PHPNGallery plugin and the Print View plugin. The first one has been deveoped by the good guys at and implements a simple yet useful picture gallery, based on a text file which defines which pictures and with which description we'd like to show. The second one has been developed by the pLog team and allows to have a highly customizable "printer view" page of a post, in the same way some web sites do. The print view is driven by a template and a stylesheet that can be made as simple or as complex as needed.

Please let us know is you have any problems with any of these!

pLog 0.2.1 released!

Just out from the oven, 0.2.1 has been released. It is a maintenance release based on the 0.2 codebase that does not add any new feature bug fixes a few bugs that were found since 0.2 was released some time ago. Bug fixes are related to deleting stuff and now for example deleting a blog will also delete its posts, comments, permissions and so on... Sounds kind of funny that we forgot about such an obvious thing but we actually did :) Other bugs that have been fixed are related to htmlarea leaving some garbage in empty text boxes, making for example pLog show the "read more" link when there was no more text.

If updating from 0.2, the best way to update to this release is to simply replace all the .php files from the previous release with the new ones. There is no need to re-run the wizard and pLog will use the same configuration settings, templates, languages and so on. In case we are updating from the 0.1 branch, then using the wizard is recommended.

Release notes can be found here and the download packages can be found in the "Files" section in our project page. Please let us know if you have any problems with this release and in the meantime, happy plogging! :)

Progress towards 0.3

Since we released 0.2, over a month ago now, over 400 users have already donwloaded any of the packages. For such an small project as ours, that can be considered a great achievement so we'd like to say THANK YOU to all of you who have helped the project, either using pLog or collaborating in one way or another with it. We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for our users!

At the same time, we feel that we can't let our users down so a lot of work towards 0.3 has been going on since 0.2 was released. So far, features such as anti-spam and security measures, improved generation of RSS feeds and per-blog definable time differences have been added- Now, work is about to start regarding one of the most wanted features: easy handling of files like pictures, videos and basically, any kind of file. It may take a while while we complete this work but we can assure you that it will really rock :)

If interested, remember that you can use CVS to see what's going on for 0.3...