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Main site updated to pre-0.3 from CVS!

I have just updated this site to run the latest version that can be found in CVS, which is quite close to being 0.3. We still have to work a little on polishing some rough edges and on the translations but I believe it won't be long before 0.3 comes out. Templates don't look very different though you can see that for example now every category can have its own RSS feed and it is also possible to generate feeds in several different versions of RDF and RSS. Also links are shown under their categories instead of being shown as one long list.

Other very interesting features that 0.3 will have, are the possibility of uploading any kind of file to the blog (a demo of that coming soon here!!) and anti-spam features such as IP address/range blocking, and even a bayesian filter included in the core of pLog to help us fight the threat of blog-spam and trackback-spam. We hope you will like it :)

New and updated plugins

One nice feature of pLog is that it offers a plugin mechanism to add those little features that are missing from the without forcing everybody to use them. A couple of nice new plugins have been added today and some others have been updated to their latest versions. Keep reading to find out more! (More)

Bug in 0.2.x (and fix!)

A very stupid bug was discovered when the year changed from 2003 to 2004. It caused the archive links to be displayed in a really weird order. It is likely that all of our users have this problem (unless you installed pLog after the year change :)) so while we release a new version of the 0.2.x branch, please download a fix for this from here:

Please use the forums is you have any further problems related to this.