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CVS 20040330

Build from CVS, 20040330


Issues with 0.3, and roadmap towards 1.0

No piece of software nowadays is 100% free from bugs and pLog is, unfortunately, no exception to the rule. I have collected a little list of the issues that have been found so far in 0.3. (More)

pLog 0.3 released!

pLog 0.3 has just been released to the world, get it now while it's still hot! Keep reading if you want to know more about what's new in 0.3 and what's been fixed from the first beta to the final version. (More)

pLog: more than just a blog

Special care was taken when developing pLog to make it well designed and easy to understand and follow. Many of its components are reusable, starting from the Config class and ending with the resource management library (as soon as we have the time, some of those components/libraries will be released in its own packages) pLog also achieves much of its potential due to the fact that it's completely based on templates, making it extremely easy to customize it to suit our needs.
If we combine these two ideas, well designed and easy to reuse code plus 100% customizability of the look and feel, we have a very powerful platform on top of which we can build all sorts of application and customizations. As the first example of this, one of our users has contributed a section of the wiki titled "Integration with other web pages", where Daniel introduces the basic ideas needed to seamlessly integrate pLog with already existing designs and web sites. Hopefully we will see many more of those in the future to further describe the power of the pLog framework, and remember that the wiki is open to everybody so please feel free to help.

pLog 0.3 beta 1 out!

The first (and hopefully, last!) beta version of the forthcoming 0.3 release of pLog has been released. It comes packed with many new features but the most outstanding one is that we have finally added support for uploading and handling files. It is possible to upload any kind of file and let pLog take care of it, extract some useful information about it in case the file is of a "known" type and even generate automatic thumbnails from image files (GD and ImageMagick supported) These files -or resources as they are called within pLog- can be easily added in a couple of mouse clicks to any post in our pLog in a very easy way, thanks to the integration with the HTMLArea component. You can see more about the new features in this release here, or follow download the .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 packages from here.
Plugins and template sets from the old release won't work properly with this new release. In the case of the plugins, small changes in the way our classes are found has made the old ones incompatible, though easy to fix. In the case of template sets, three new template files have been added in order to show things like albums and resources, so the old ones won't work either. All the old plugins have been updated and put also up for download, including the old ones and some new ones such as the authentication plugin, the best posts plugin and the smileys plugin. The template sets will be updated to run in 0.3 as soon as we have the time but in the meantime, be sure to check the new default template set!
The old documentation has been removed because it was too old and way too difficult to maintain, and we have set up a wiki in its place. The documentation is not 100% ready yet but we're planning to have everything by the time the final release is out (perhaps 1-2 weeks) Following the idea of a collaborative web, the wiki is open to anybody to improve, make changes or correct mistakes so please don't be afraid to change anything there. We are counting on you to improve!
Finally, please use the forums to report any bug, give feedback or make suggestions. Happy blogging!