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pLog community projects:

Back in last summer, when pLog was nothing more than a project in diapers, Jordi and friends saw some potential in pLog and decided to start a catalan-speaking blogging community in Things started small, but the community hasn't stopped growing steadily ever since. The number of blogs and users is over a hundred at the moment, but the number of posts so far is well over thousands. As a result of the growth of the community, they are becoming an important meeting point for the Catalan bloggers and they get a reasonable amount of hits per day. (More)

pLog 0.3.1 released!

After a few weeks of testing, pLog 0.3.1 has been finally released. It includes all that was fixed in 0.3.1-beta1 plus a few more bug fixes and a few little goodies that have been thrown in for this version. The most outstanding issue is the trackback receiving feature, which was completely broken but was promptly reported by some of our forum users, and some better handling of the permissions of the resource files uploaded via the "Resource Center" feature.

For those of you wishing to upgrade from 0.3 or 0.3.1-beta to this version, there is no need to run the installer script again. Simply download and unpack the plog-0.3.1 package in the same folder where pLog is currently installed. Let it overwrite all the files (and add a new few ones) and everything should be fine.

For users wishing to upgrade from a previous 0.2.x release, the installer (wizard.php) script will take care of everything for you.

Please use the wiki when first looking for help or documentation, and use the forums whenever you can't find an answer there for your problem. Now, keep reading for the rest of improvements and bug fixes! (More)

pLog 0.3.1 beta1 released

The first testing version -and hopefully, last- of pLog 0.3.1 has just been released. It is only a maintenance release and while it adds a few new features, its main target is fixing most of the bugs that were found since 0.3 was released which unfortunately, were many more than we wished. Keep reading for more information about the new features and the bug fixes. Users who are already running 0.3 and wish to update to this version, do not need to run the installer script (wizard.php) again, as there are no changes to the database. Simply keep a copy of you, and then overwrite all other files with the ones from the packages. Put back your configuration file and your update will be complete.