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Project development

A 1.0 version is always an important milestone for a project and pLog is no different case. We have been thinking about restructuring the project development to split it into several different teams. As the project grows every task needs more attention and the current small development team tried to fill all the gaps in the best way they could but it is almost impossible for a such a small team to take care of all tasks required for a project as big as pLog has become. It has been decided to group tasks into subprojects and each subproject will be taken care of by a specific team. Positions are open so we would like to invite everyone who can collaborate in any way to join pLog development. It does not really matter how many time you have available to spend on the project as any contribution will be welcome :)
UPDATE: I have created some new sections in the forum to communicate all the different team members. I have also added a topic fo each one of them outlining what needs to be done.

pLog welcomes asian users!

When we started to develop pLog, we knew that localization was going to be a very important feature for us. It might not shine as much as some other features, and it is often overlooked, but it has indeed become one of our "best selling" features. I was browsing the list of people who have reached this site recently (the list of referrers) and I was very happy to see that pLog has gained a lot of ground amongst asian users, specially Chinese users. I have also seen a few more sites offering blogging services in this list, and that is very exciting for us too :)