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pLog 0.3.2 released!

Even though pLog 0.3.2 is only a maintenance release (this means that for users of 0.3 or 0.3.1 there is no need to run the wizard again, but simply overwrite the files), it fixes many problems found in previous release and brings a truckload of interesting little features that will make your blogging life easier. We've cleaned up all the default templates to make them more XHTML compliant, as well as added a text filter in the code that will keep your pages XHTML-compliant for you, automatically. We've added new translations such as Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, German, updated the French one and added a partial Finnish translation, as well as adding over 30 new templates to our collection! Some of them are ported from WordPress, others are ported from MovableType but the best ones were contributed by some of our users. 0.3.2 also corrects the problem with per-blog specific templates, where it was not possible to use most of the templates as per-blog templates because all the paths to resources like stylesheets and graphics had to be changed. This basically means that the new templates will only work with 0.3.2, but we do not think this is an issue because 0.3.2 rocks and you will be wanting to update as soon as you read this :)
Please keep reading for more detailed information about the bugs fixed and the new features added in 0.3.2, or feel free to visit the page "What's new in 0.3.2 in the wiki" to get the same information.
UPDATED: The summary.php script was not working very well (some of the statistics on the left side were not being updated at all) so we have uploaded a little patch for it, for those of you who use the summary as part of your setup. If you don't use the summary.php at all, please ignore this. You can get the patch from here(More)

Introducing pLoogle

The pLog project has just got its own blog directory and search engine: pLoogle! Thanks to the guys from the project, recently announced here, now any blogger can sign up for free in order to have his or her blog listed. pLoogle is running in beta mode for the time being but it is fully functional: blogs can be classified in geographical areas or categories, it is possible to obtain a list of the most popular blogs, and many more things! The pLog development team is investigating different possibilities for a better integration between the two projects that would be included in future versions of pLog. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? get your blog listed in pLoogle now! Launched

Headed by Michael Erdmann, the German pLog site has been launched today: This new site will try to be the central meeting point for German-speaking pLog users and they will be offering German resources, support to German users via their forums, as well as a wiki wiki. Work has already started in all fronts and German-speaking people willing to help are needed! Tasks would include things like helping out users with problems in the forums, writing/translating documentation for the wiki, and so forth. If interested, drop them a line in the forums!