NewsFeaturesDownloadsDevelopmentSupportAbout Us updated to the latest development snapshot is a site which is busy enough to be a reliable testbed of the new performance features introduced in the current development branch of pLog, what will eventually become 1.0. There is still a lot to do specially in the user interface front but the changes in the core are somewhat stable and work quite well. We have put a lot of effort into reducing the database load generated by requests to a blog and we have implemented things like content caching and HTTP conditional requests to reduce the server load and the bandwidth needed to run large communities. We are confident that these features will satisfy both normal users and large communities. is already running with all these new performance features enabled and we hope that you can feel that the site feels much faster :)
For those of you interested, the snapshot is available here: plog-devel-20040823. It can be installed as any other release but keep in mind that this is not even beta quality and that it might potentially be full of bugs as well as having some incomplete features.