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pLog in the German edition of PHP-Magazine

Thanks to the awesome work by Michael from, the 6.2004 issue of German edition of the well-know PHP-Magazine includes an article by the pLog development team on how to start building your own blogging tool, plus the current version 0.3.2 of pLog in the CD! The article, 10 pages long, can be found in the "Solutions" section starting in page 79 and describes all the basic concepts on top of which pLog is built. There is also some sample working code to apply all the concepts described in the article, starting with MVC and ending with Smarty-based templates and Data Access Objects.

If you can read German and are interested in knowing more about pLog, this is your chance to learn more and to support the project!


The BOBs (Best of the Blogs) is a competition organized by the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, looking for the best blogs in several different categories (best blog, best design, best technology, etc) The pLog project team would like to encourage you all to submit your blogs... you might be one of the winners! :) In addition to that, pLog-powered blogs participating in the contest will help to increase the popularity of pLog.

UPDATE 20/09: Seems that the The BOBs is open once again. Go for them! :)