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Please upgrade to the latest version of PHP (4.3.10, 5.0.3)

Some of the the vulnerabilities found by the Hardened PHP project and announced a few days ago are critical and we strongly advise you to upgrade your PHP installations. pLog is a potential target for nasty users trying to exploit the flaws found in the implementation of the serialize() method, since pLog uses it extensively to get data (in fact, complete objects) to and from the session. The PHP folks have already released updates for both the PHP 4.x and 5.x series here. is now

Due to the recent problems we have experienced with, we have moved to a new home: Everything has already been moved so you will find the forums and the wiki in their normal places. As soon as we can solve the problems with, both and will point to the same page... In the meantime, update your bookmarks to our new home!
Regarding project status and development of the next version, there will be interesting news very soon!