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summary-path-20050131 available!

Following the reports of one of users regading the summary page getting really slow (up to 30 seconds! -- the rest of the functionalities were working fine), the development team has put together a patch including the fixes for those of you experiencing the same problem. Please download it from here.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue may have caused.

Beta testing pLog 1.0

After almost 8 months of intense work, pLog 1.0 is almost ready and now it's time to start the testing round period. The whole detalied testing plan can be found here, instructions on how to access our Subversion repository can be found here and you we also have instructions for new installations and upgrades. Please use the new forum for feedback and our bugtracking system for bug reports.

Please keep reading for a summary of the testing plan, how you can help, porting your old plugins and about translations of the new version. (More)

Templates, Templates, Templates.

By far the more requested topic of interest on the website (in comments and in the forums) has been for information regarding the release of pLog 1.0 Beta. Oscar has finished rounding up a very sleek schedule for beta testing which will begin within the next few days/weeks. There'll be notification on the website about how users will be able to contribute to the beta testing period.

That being said, people have been murmuring about templates, the templating system, and new features relating to templates for 1.0. Below, I've posted a somewhat in-depth review of the templating system in 1.0.

template system, 1.0b
Automatic Template Installation.

Posting in 1.0

As part of our continuing series on introducing users to the upcoming beta release of pLog 1.0, here's an extended look at how posting is handled in 1.0. The main function of any article-based website (read: blog) is in publishing text entries. As a result, the pLog team has placed quite a bit of effort into streamlining the drafting, previewing, and publishing of posts in this new version.


What's New in 1.0

With pLog approaching public beta for 1.0, there hasn't been much news about the new features implemented in the project. Unless you've signed onto the email list or have been in contact with Oscar and other developers, it's a pretty good guess that you, and most of your peers, have very little knowledge regarding what performance and visual improvements the 1.0 development cycle will provide. In fact, taking into consideration the latest releases from wordpress, mt, etc, one might expect a rather unexciting release filled with bugs and upgrading nightmares. Fortunately, pLog has always striven to be a step above the rest; believe me when I tell you that you're in for some incredible enhancements with 1.0.

Still don't believe me? Check it out.

Our Chinese speaking friends headed by Mark Wu have launched the official Chinese version of This new local site aims to become the central point when it comes to pLog in Asia, as well as to keep the Chinese speaking pLog community informed and organized.

They also have their own forums and their wiki. If interested in helping them out to create Chinese documentation, do not hesitate to contact them!

The site will not be just a translation of but will feature its own content so be sure not to miss it if you are one of our many Chinese speaking users ;-)

pLog-powered badges

Reto Hugi was kind enough to create and donate plog-powered badges for your site. The come flavoured in different colours so feel free to use any of them to tell the world you proud you are to run pLog :) We've also created a .zip package to make it easier to download all of them at once, here.