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LifeType 1.2.7 released

Lifetype 1.2.7 is primarily a security release, though a number of issues with resources have been fixed as well.


Official release notes


These are the links to the full Lifetype 1.2.7 packages:

Lifetype 1.2.7 (.tar.bz2)

Lifetype 1.2.7 (.tar.gz)

Lifetype 1.2.7 (.zip)

If upgrading from Lifetype 1.2.6, there are packages available which only include new or modified files and will allow you to upgrade from Lifetype 1.2.6 only. These packages can not be used to upgrade from 1.1.x or any other 1.2 release:

Lifetype upgrade package from 1.2.6 (.tar.gz)

Lifetype upgrade package from 1.2.6 (.zip)