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Beta testing pLog 1.0

After almost 8 months of intense work, pLog 1.0 is almost ready and now it's time to start the testing round period. The whole detalied testing plan can be found here, instructions on how to access our Subversion repository can be found here and you we also have instructions for new installations and upgrades. Please use the new forum for feedback and our bugtracking system for bug reports.

Please keep reading for a summary of the testing plan, how you can help, porting your old plugins and about translations of the new version. (More)

Templates, Templates, Templates.

By far the more requested topic of interest on the website (in comments and in the forums) has been for information regarding the release of pLog 1.0 Beta. Oscar has finished rounding up a very sleek schedule for beta testing which will begin within the next few days/weeks. There'll be notification on the website about how users will be able to contribute to the beta testing period.

That being said, people have been murmuring about templates, the templating system, and new features relating to templates for 1.0. Below, I've posted a somewhat in-depth review of the templating system in 1.0.

template system, 1.0b
Automatic Template Installation.

Posting in 1.0

As part of our continuing series on introducing users to the upcoming beta release of pLog 1.0, here's an extended look at how posting is handled in 1.0. The main function of any article-based website (read: blog) is in publishing text entries. As a result, the pLog team has placed quite a bit of effort into streamlining the drafting, previewing, and publishing of posts in this new version.


What's New in 1.0

With pLog approaching public beta for 1.0, there hasn't been much news about the new features implemented in the project. Unless you've signed onto the email list or have been in contact with Oscar and other developers, it's a pretty good guess that you, and most of your peers, have very little knowledge regarding what performance and visual improvements the 1.0 development cycle will provide. In fact, taking into consideration the latest releases from wordpress, mt, etc, one might expect a rather unexciting release filled with bugs and upgrading nightmares. Fortunately, pLog has always striven to be a step above the rest; believe me when I tell you that you're in for some incredible enhancements with 1.0.

Still don't believe me? Check it out.
 (More) updated to the latest development snapshot is a site which is busy enough to be a reliable testbed of the new performance features introduced in the current development branch of pLog, what will eventually become 1.0. There is still a lot to do specially in the user interface front but the changes in the core are somewhat stable and work quite well. We have put a lot of effort into reducing the database load generated by requests to a blog and we have implemented things like content caching and HTTP conditional requests to reduce the server load and the bandwidth needed to run large communities. We are confident that these features will satisfy both normal users and large communities. is already running with all these new performance features enabled and we hope that you can feel that the site feels much faster :)
For those of you interested, the snapshot is available here: plog-devel-20040823. It can be installed as any other release but keep in mind that this is not even beta quality and that it might potentially be full of bugs as well as having some incomplete features.

pLog 0.3.1 beta1 released

The first testing version -and hopefully, last- of pLog 0.3.1 has just been released. It is only a maintenance release and while it adds a few new features, its main target is fixing most of the bugs that were found since 0.3 was released which unfortunately, were many more than we wished. Keep reading for more information about the new features and the bug fixes. Users who are already running 0.3 and wish to update to this version, do not need to run the installer script (wizard.php) again, as there are no changes to the database. Simply keep a copy of you, and then overwrite all other files with the ones from the packages. Put back your configuration file and your update will be complete.

New translation and status of 0.3

One of our users was kind enough to provide us with a German translation for for pLog 0.2. Many thanks!!

Regarding 0.3, we have finally got the new Bayesian filter to work properly. And that is a good thing (tm) :) Also, perhaps more important than the new anti-spam filter is that pLog does not need the magic_quotes_gpc setting from PHP to be enabled anymore, thanks to the hard work of another of our users. We are thinking about releasing a beta version very soon so please keep checking the project page!!

Main site updated to pre-0.3 from CVS!

I have just updated this site to run the latest version that can be found in CVS, which is quite close to being 0.3. We still have to work a little on polishing some rough edges and on the translations but I believe it won't be long before 0.3 comes out. Templates don't look very different though you can see that for example now every category can have its own RSS feed and it is also possible to generate feeds in several different versions of RDF and RSS. Also links are shown under their categories instead of being shown as one long list.

Other very interesting features that 0.3 will have, are the possibility of uploading any kind of file to the blog (a demo of that coming soon here!!) and anti-spam features such as IP address/range blocking, and even a bayesian filter included in the core of pLog to help us fight the threat of blog-spam and trackback-spam. We hope you will like it :)


Since we launched the 0.2 release of pLog a few more extras have been added to the project, thanks also to our fantastic users who have been submitting new templates sets, logos, plugins and language files. The Extras section will be the central hub where to find all these goodies. Have a look!
UPDATE 21-11-2003: The "Send To Friend" plugin has been removed due to some strange problems. It will be back online as soon as those problems have been fixed. Drop us a line in the forums if you installed it and if somehow, your blog is not working anymore. (More)

Problems with the XMLRPC Ping... Fixed! ;)

Looks like the last pre-release of pLog, plog-devel-20030805, had a problem with the xmlrpc ping interface, used to notifiy sites such as every time there is a new post in your blog. Hopefully, thanks to the report of one of our users, we detected it and now it should be fixed. To make the best of the feature, I am now enabling support for that on this blog :)
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