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Lifetype 1.2.3 released

Lifetype 1.2.3 is the third maintenance release from the 1.2 branch and in addition to bringing in even more new features, it also provides fixes for a cross-site scripting vulnerability detected in summary.php as well as other stability related issues. Please read on for the download links and information about issues addressed in this release, and report any issues or bugs via our bug tracking system and the project's support forums.

From now on, release notes can also be found in the wiki in the Release Notes section. The release notes of Lifetype 1.2.3 can be found here.


Known issues with LifeType 1.2

If you have been planning to upgrade to 1.2 (as advised), you might want to hold it for a few days until we fix some of the most outstanding issues detected so far in LifeType 1.2. (More)

LifeType 1.1.x not supported anymore.

With the recent release of the final version of LifeType 1.2, the project team will no longer be supporting LifeType 1.1.


Critical security issues found in the templateeditor plugin

Following a security audit after the recent security issues found the core Lifetype code, the development team found several critical security issues in the templateeditor plugin. (More)

Integrating LifeType using the API

Many people have so far successfully used the API to integrate LifeType and LifeType data in non-LifeType pages. Since the API may be a bit daunting for first timers, the development team has added some code snippets to the wiki that should help you achieve the most basic integration tasks. (More) successfully moved to a new server

We are glad to inform that the move of the project pages and services to a new service was undertaken successfully during the 26th and 27th of January. Everything has been fully operational since the 27th of January at around 10:00 GMT. (More)

LifeType 1.2 status report: we're almost there

The development of LifeType 1.2 is over and now the development team is concentrating of polishing and squashing the last few remaining bugs. Please read on for more details on what's coming and the new features implemented in LifeType 1.2. (More) up and running again

We had some server issues during the weekend but the main site, the wiki, the forums and the bug tracker are back online.

Help us shape LifeType 1.2!

Although you may have not even upgraded to LifeType 1.1, the development team is already busy thinking and planning LifeType 1.2. (More)

Interview about the podcasting features of LifeType features in the BitWise magazine

There's an article/interview at about the podcasting features available in LifeType. (More)
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