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pLog now called LifeType

The formerly known as pLog project has decided to get a facelift including a new name, new image and new logo. This facelift is related to the project's cooperation with Amazon, current owners of the "plog" trademark in the United States. On behalf of the project, we would like to thank Amazon for their collaboration and help. Other companies would have chosen to sue but instead Amazon decided to cooperate and had a lot of patience with us.


pLog not vulnerable to the recent XMLRPC bug

For those of you wondering about it, pLog is not vulnerable to the recent issue discovered in some implementations of the XMLRPC specification in PHP. These issues are related to the PEAR::XML_RPC and to the PHPXMLRPC libraries, while pLog still uses the old but trusty Incutio XMLRPC library.

pLog 1.0 status update

The pLog project is proud to announce that the final release date for pLog 1.0 will be April 1st (no, it's not a joke!) unless major problems appear during these last few days before the release. The beta testing rounds have been a great success and we think that the code is ready for prime time. From here we would like to thank all those of you who have helped so far.

Code in our subversion repository is in state "frozen" meaning that nothing else will be changed before the final release (save one or two small fixes, if needed) This means that the beta packages that will be generated until the release date can be considered "release candidates" and we have even removed all debug and logging stuff from the code. In the meantime, if you find any more bugs please do not hesitate to report them via our bug-tracking interface at

For those of you who want to help the project but do not know how, you can help us by promoting pLog in your company, community or just with your friends. We have created the pLog 1.0 Communications Kit, which is a package that includes all you need to promote pLog: logos, badges, and several documents and slidesets in PDF format with more information about pLog (and a formal press release too) If you don't want to download the whole package, you can also download only the logos and banners. If interested in creating alternative logos in other languages or with new slogans, we have also made available the original PSD files (to be used with Photoshop or GIMP) Finally, the rest of templates can be found in the plog/misc/comms-kit folder in our subversion repository (there you will find the PPT, DOC and Office files used to create the documents)

We are also aiming to translate the comms kit to as many languages as possible so if you want to help, let us know!

A call to translators

PLog 1.0 is nearing its final release and it is about time to start working on new translations. So far, the only complete ones are English (en_UK), Chinese (both zh_TW and zh_CN) and Norwegian (no_NO). The French (fr_FR) translation is in test status although it is already included in the nightly snapshots. The Spanish (es_ES), Russian (ru_RU) and Catalan (ca_ES) locales are currently under work but they are not yet available.

The development team would like to see as many translations as possible in the final release so you've got still time! We are planning to have a final release around the beginning of April so that still gives us about 3 weeks left. Please see this post or this other post for more information on how to get your hands on the latest development version... Would you like to help us to pLog make one of the best blogging tools out there? What are you waiting for!? :)

Beta testing phase 2: packages already available!

The good news today is that the beta testing round is moving forward to the second phase as outlined here, but first of all we would like to thank all the users who have helped us during phase one and we hope that things will proceed as smoothly as during phase one!

Please keep reading for more details or if you're in a hurry, get the base package from here, the templates package from here and the plugins package from here.


Beta status update

After about 3 weeks of beta testing, things are going even better than we expected. We started the beta testing round with a few outstanding issues to solve and some others appeared during the testing process but thanks to the hard work of the core team and some outstanding collaborators, things are proceeding very well.


The situation regarding

Unfortunately all attemps to contact the registrar that now owns have been unsuccessul and it seems that they are not interested in even selling the domain. Usually this registrar sells expired domains through a Dutch auction system but strangely enough, is not available for sale. Our theory is that they are still cashing on in its popularity, since there still are thousands of links in google pointing to

It is difficult to understand how people can have such a hostile attitude towards a free project, a project made up of people who have devoted a lot of their own time to create a probably the best free blogging tool.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to update all your templates, articles and links pointing to so that in the next update of Google's index, the situation is reversed. Also, in case anybody has a better idea please let us know.

UPDATE: There is a translated version of this article in the Taiwanese pLog site, here.

summary-path-20050131 available!

Following the reports of one of users regading the summary page getting really slow (up to 30 seconds! -- the rest of the functionalities were working fine), the development team has put together a patch including the fixes for those of you experiencing the same problem. Please download it from here.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue may have caused.

Beta testing pLog 1.0

After almost 8 months of intense work, pLog 1.0 is almost ready and now it's time to start the testing round period. The whole detalied testing plan can be found here, instructions on how to access our Subversion repository can be found here and you we also have instructions for new installations and upgrades. Please use the new forum for feedback and our bugtracking system for bug reports.

Please keep reading for a summary of the testing plan, how you can help, porting your old plugins and about translations of the new version. (More)

Templates, Templates, Templates.

By far the more requested topic of interest on the website (in comments and in the forums) has been for information regarding the release of pLog 1.0 Beta. Oscar has finished rounding up a very sleek schedule for beta testing which will begin within the next few days/weeks. There'll be notification on the website about how users will be able to contribute to the beta testing period.

That being said, people have been murmuring about templates, the templating system, and new features relating to templates for 1.0. Below, I've posted a somewhat in-depth review of the templating system in 1.0.

template system, 1.0b
Automatic Template Installation.
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