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Posting in 1.0

As part of our continuing series on introducing users to the upcoming beta release of pLog 1.0, here's an extended look at how posting is handled in 1.0. The main function of any article-based website (read: blog) is in publishing text entries. As a result, the pLog team has placed quite a bit of effort into streamlining the drafting, previewing, and publishing of posts in this new version.


What's New in 1.0

With pLog approaching public beta for 1.0, there hasn't been much news about the new features implemented in the project. Unless you've signed onto the email list or have been in contact with Oscar and other developers, it's a pretty good guess that you, and most of your peers, have very little knowledge regarding what performance and visual improvements the 1.0 development cycle will provide. In fact, taking into consideration the latest releases from wordpress, mt, etc, one might expect a rather unexciting release filled with bugs and upgrading nightmares. Fortunately, pLog has always striven to be a step above the rest; believe me when I tell you that you're in for some incredible enhancements with 1.0.

Still don't believe me? Check it out.

Our Chinese speaking friends headed by Mark Wu have launched the official Chinese version of This new local site aims to become the central point when it comes to pLog in Asia, as well as to keep the Chinese speaking pLog community informed and organized.

They also have their own forums and their wiki. If interested in helping them out to create Chinese documentation, do not hesitate to contact them!

The site will not be just a translation of but will feature its own content so be sure not to miss it if you are one of our many Chinese speaking users ;-)

pLog-powered badges

Reto Hugi was kind enough to create and donate plog-powered badges for your site. The come flavoured in different colours so feel free to use any of them to tell the world you proud you are to run pLog :) We've also created a .zip package to make it easier to download all of them at once, here.

Please upgrade to the latest version of PHP (4.3.10, 5.0.3)

Some of the the vulnerabilities found by the Hardened PHP project and announced a few days ago are critical and we strongly advise you to upgrade your PHP installations. pLog is a potential target for nasty users trying to exploit the flaws found in the implementation of the serialize() method, since pLog uses it extensively to get data (in fact, complete objects) to and from the session. The PHP folks have already released updates for both the PHP 4.x and 5.x series here. is now

Due to the recent problems we have experienced with, we have moved to a new home: Everything has already been moved so you will find the forums and the wiki in their normal places. As soon as we can solve the problems with, both and will point to the same page... In the meantime, update your bookmarks to our new home!
Regarding project status and development of the next version, there will be interesting news very soon!

The project page is back

We have experienced some problems with the domain so while we solve them, we have hooked up the main project page to (and thanks to Brad for letting us use his domain!) The forums are still accessible via and so is the wiki at As soon as the problems are fixed, will be the main domain once again.

Regarding the project status and the next 1.0 version, stay tuned for a status report soon!


The BOBs (Best of the Blogs) is a competition organized by the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, looking for the best blogs in several different categories (best blog, best design, best technology, etc) The pLog project team would like to encourage you all to submit your blogs... you might be one of the winners! :) In addition to that, pLog-powered blogs participating in the contest will help to increase the popularity of pLog.

UPDATE 20/09: Seems that the The BOBs is open once again. Go for them! :) updated to the latest development snapshot is a site which is busy enough to be a reliable testbed of the new performance features introduced in the current development branch of pLog, what will eventually become 1.0. There is still a lot to do specially in the user interface front but the changes in the core are somewhat stable and work quite well. We have put a lot of effort into reducing the database load generated by requests to a blog and we have implemented things like content caching and HTTP conditional requests to reduce the server load and the bandwidth needed to run large communities. We are confident that these features will satisfy both normal users and large communities. is already running with all these new performance features enabled and we hope that you can feel that the site feels much faster :)
For those of you interested, the snapshot is available here: plog-devel-20040823. It can be installed as any other release but keep in mind that this is not even beta quality and that it might potentially be full of bugs as well as having some incomplete features.

pLog 0.3.2 released!

Even though pLog 0.3.2 is only a maintenance release (this means that for users of 0.3 or 0.3.1 there is no need to run the wizard again, but simply overwrite the files), it fixes many problems found in previous release and brings a truckload of interesting little features that will make your blogging life easier. We've cleaned up all the default templates to make them more XHTML compliant, as well as added a text filter in the code that will keep your pages XHTML-compliant for you, automatically. We've added new translations such as Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, German, updated the French one and added a partial Finnish translation, as well as adding over 30 new templates to our collection! Some of them are ported from WordPress, others are ported from MovableType but the best ones were contributed by some of our users. 0.3.2 also corrects the problem with per-blog specific templates, where it was not possible to use most of the templates as per-blog templates because all the paths to resources like stylesheets and graphics had to be changed. This basically means that the new templates will only work with 0.3.2, but we do not think this is an issue because 0.3.2 rocks and you will be wanting to update as soon as you read this :)
Please keep reading for more detailed information about the bugs fixed and the new features added in 0.3.2, or feel free to visit the page "What's new in 0.3.2 in the wiki" to get the same information.
UPDATED: The summary.php script was not working very well (some of the statistics on the left side were not being updated at all) so we have uploaded a little patch for it, for those of you who use the summary as part of your setup. If you don't use the summary.php at all, please ignore this. You can get the patch from here(More)
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