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Introducing pLoogle

The pLog project has just got its own blog directory and search engine: pLoogle! Thanks to the guys from the project, recently announced here, now any blogger can sign up for free in order to have his or her blog listed. pLoogle is running in beta mode for the time being but it is fully functional: blogs can be classified in geographical areas or categories, it is possible to obtain a list of the most popular blogs, and many more things! The pLog development team is investigating different possibilities for a better integration between the two projects that would be included in future versions of pLog. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? get your blog listed in pLoogle now! Launched

Headed by Michael Erdmann, the German pLog site has been launched today: This new site will try to be the central meeting point for German-speaking pLog users and they will be offering German resources, support to German users via their forums, as well as a wiki wiki. Work has already started in all fronts and German-speaking people willing to help are needed! Tasks would include things like helping out users with problems in the forums, writing/translating documentation for the wiki, and so forth. If interested, drop them a line in the forums!

We are back!

After a few days of being offline, is back. During these days we have moved to a new and more reliable server but sometimes, things don't go as smooth as we all would like them to be... It tooks a while to be back online but here we are again :) The main page and the wiki are up but the forums are not yet, as we've had some problems restoring the old data. We hope that this problem will be sorted out soon!
UPDATE: The forums are back too!

Project development

A 1.0 version is always an important milestone for a project and pLog is no different case. We have been thinking about restructuring the project development to split it into several different teams. As the project grows every task needs more attention and the current small development team tried to fill all the gaps in the best way they could but it is almost impossible for a such a small team to take care of all tasks required for a project as big as pLog has become. It has been decided to group tasks into subprojects and each subproject will be taken care of by a specific team. Positions are open so we would like to invite everyone who can collaborate in any way to join pLog development. It does not really matter how many time you have available to spend on the project as any contribution will be welcome :)
UPDATE: I have created some new sections in the forum to communicate all the different team members. I have also added a topic fo each one of them outlining what needs to be done.

pLog welcomes asian users!

When we started to develop pLog, we knew that localization was going to be a very important feature for us. It might not shine as much as some other features, and it is often overlooked, but it has indeed become one of our "best selling" features. I was browsing the list of people who have reached this site recently (the list of referrers) and I was very happy to see that pLog has gained a lot of ground amongst asian users, specially Chinese users. I have also seen a few more sites offering blogging services in this list, and that is very exciting for us too :)

pLog community projects:

Back in last summer, when pLog was nothing more than a project in diapers, Jordi and friends saw some potential in pLog and decided to start a catalan-speaking blogging community in Things started small, but the community hasn't stopped growing steadily ever since. The number of blogs and users is over a hundred at the moment, but the number of posts so far is well over thousands. As a result of the growth of the community, they are becoming an important meeting point for the Catalan bloggers and they get a reasonable amount of hits per day. (More)

pLog: more than just a blog

Special care was taken when developing pLog to make it well designed and easy to understand and follow. Many of its components are reusable, starting from the Config class and ending with the resource management library (as soon as we have the time, some of those components/libraries will be released in its own packages) pLog also achieves much of its potential due to the fact that it's completely based on templates, making it extremely easy to customize it to suit our needs.
If we combine these two ideas, well designed and easy to reuse code plus 100% customizability of the look and feel, we have a very powerful platform on top of which we can build all sorts of application and customizations. As the first example of this, one of our users has contributed a section of the wiki titled "Integration with other web pages", where Daniel introduces the basic ideas needed to seamlessly integrate pLog with already existing designs and web sites. Hopefully we will see many more of those in the future to further describe the power of the pLog framework, and remember that the wiki is open to everybody so please feel free to help.

pLog 0.3 beta 1 out!

The first (and hopefully, last!) beta version of the forthcoming 0.3 release of pLog has been released. It comes packed with many new features but the most outstanding one is that we have finally added support for uploading and handling files. It is possible to upload any kind of file and let pLog take care of it, extract some useful information about it in case the file is of a "known" type and even generate automatic thumbnails from image files (GD and ImageMagick supported) These files -or resources as they are called within pLog- can be easily added in a couple of mouse clicks to any post in our pLog in a very easy way, thanks to the integration with the HTMLArea component. You can see more about the new features in this release here, or follow download the .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 packages from here.
Plugins and template sets from the old release won't work properly with this new release. In the case of the plugins, small changes in the way our classes are found has made the old ones incompatible, though easy to fix. In the case of template sets, three new template files have been added in order to show things like albums and resources, so the old ones won't work either. All the old plugins have been updated and put also up for download, including the old ones and some new ones such as the authentication plugin, the best posts plugin and the smileys plugin. The template sets will be updated to run in 0.3 as soon as we have the time but in the meantime, be sure to check the new default template set!
The old documentation has been removed because it was too old and way too difficult to maintain, and we have set up a wiki in its place. The documentation is not 100% ready yet but we're planning to have everything by the time the final release is out (perhaps 1-2 weeks) Following the idea of a collaborative web, the wiki is open to anybody to improve, make changes or correct mistakes so please don't be afraid to change anything there. We are counting on you to improve!
Finally, please use the forums to report any bug, give feedback or make suggestions. Happy blogging!

Bug in 0.2.x (and fix!)

A very stupid bug was discovered when the year changed from 2003 to 2004. It caused the archive links to be displayed in a really weird order. It is likely that all of our users have this problem (unless you installed pLog after the year change :)) so while we release a new version of the 0.2.x branch, please download a fix for this from here:

Please use the forums is you have any further problems related to this.

Progress towards 0.3

Since we released 0.2, over a month ago now, over 400 users have already donwloaded any of the packages. For such an small project as ours, that can be considered a great achievement so we'd like to say THANK YOU to all of you who have helped the project, either using pLog or collaborating in one way or another with it. We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for our users!

At the same time, we feel that we can't let our users down so a lot of work towards 0.3 has been going on since 0.2 was released. So far, features such as anti-spam and security measures, improved generation of RSS feeds and per-blog definable time differences have been added- Now, work is about to start regarding one of the most wanted features: easy handling of files like pictures, videos and basically, any kind of file. It may take a while while we complete this work but we can assure you that it will really rock :)

If interested, remember that you can use CVS to see what's going on for 0.3...
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