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Translate pLog into your own language!

One of the key features of pLog is that it supports multiple languages out of the box. So far, as well as English it has been translated into Spanish, Catalan, German, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Taiwan) and Russian. However, if you feel that you could take care of translating pLog into your own language and of course maintaining it in the future (don't worry, it's not too much work) you should then drop us a line for example in our forums or emailig me ( Any effort regarding this area will be greatly appreciated!

Status update

It's been a few weeks since the last post in this journal but that doesn't mean that we're not here anymore. In fact, it means that we're so busy getting the next release ready that we haven't had any time to write here.
First of all, and thanks to one of our most loyal users, we have moved the main journal and the forums to a faster server and we even have our own domain name: The pLog team would like to express our gratefulness for such kind gesture :)
Regarding the current status, the release schedule of the fortcoming 0.2 release was posted to the mailing list, so if everything goes well, we'll have 0.2 sometime late November. The next release will come packed with new features and improvement such as a more powerful administration interface, user levels and easy interface to add/remove users from a blog, possibility of changing the timestamp of posts (now you can for instance post things in the future :)), blog-specific templates, improved plugin interface, and many more! Stay tuned and remember that if you feel like giving us a hand by testing the latest features, you can always use the CVS version (it ought to be quite stable at the moment)

Developers are welcome :)

So far this has mainly been a one man project, although some people have greatly helped in areas such as documentation writing and bug hunting. However, it would be nice to have somebody helping out in a more or less regular way. Currently, the core features are there and they're stable. Many people out there are already using pLog, so it is time to start implementing the required features to make pLog consolidate as a viable and reliable blogging platform. People are also requesting very cool features and I wish I had time to do everything myself but unfortunately I can't. I can actually promise that everything will be there, sooner or later :), but things would go faster with some help.
You don't need a lot experience, since everything can be learnt along the way. Some knowledge of PHP and and basic concepts of object-oriented programming would be enough to start. Despite the topic calling for developers, if you don't like/don't know development, good designers are also welcome in order to create a nicer and unique default layout, as well as "beautifying" the administration interface. There's work for everybody! :) What do *you* think? :)

pLog now reachable through Freshmeat

Hoping to start creating a bigger community around pLog, I posted and announcement at What I didn't know is that all submissions have to be checked and approved before they can make it to the first page... The announcement and also goal of pLog seemed to convince the folks at FM, so we are now featured there. In any case, I hope more people will get to know about pLog from now on, since the 10 most recent applications in FM are also displayed in the front page in Slashdot.

User Documentation

Prior to the release of the final version, I have uploaded a much nicer version of the user documentation which will also be included in the main package. It can be accessed here or via the links on the top of the page. It is pretty much a work in progress (some sections are not 100% finished) but we thought it would be better to upload something than nothing at all.
Please feel free to comment on it and share your thoughts with us, why not, in the forums :)

pLog Forums up and running

Since I think that the forums offered by Sourceforge are ugly and featureless, I have opened our own and nicer forums (they're also accessible by clicking on the "forums" link on the top of the page). It's a simple unmodified installation of phpBB but I think that will do ;) Please feel free to stop by and use them. However, we'll still use Sourceforge interface for bug reports and patches.


I've been thinking that we need a little logo, so that we can display it on the bottom/side of the page saying "Powered by pLog". Or something like that? Any volunteer to give us a hand with that? Should be something small, not flashy at all. Any ideas? Thanks!!

It's bug time!

Last release, plog-devel-20030805 was almost rock solid and did all what it had to do pretty well, so it's time to turn it into an stable release. Actually, it's about time :) So please please, if you have found any bugs that you haven't let us know about, what are you waiting for!? ;) Use our project page to post any bugs so that we can fix them... Because we can't fix what we don't know about!
Thanks :)

Changes and the beta version

Beta is getting closer and closer. At least I hope so!!! It is about time I released something and I would also like to get some feedback from users and see how it feels.
In the meantime, I have borrowed another template from the "Book of styles" and we'll be seeing it as the main template for the next few weeks until I get tired of it and find another one ;) Would be nice if somebody with good design skills would come up with something nice, XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant and 100% CSS based, to be included in the main pLog package and if nice enough, to be used as the default template. But anyway, do you like the new style?

Other blogging tools

Now that I've added support for categories, you'll see on the right side, under the "Categories" section, links to some other blogging tools available out there. I'd appreciate that if you use (or have used) any of them, to comment on them here specially regarding on which features you most liked from them... I've been also browsing pages like this, the forum for bBlog to see what people are having problems with and what they are suggesting as improvements (check out the "ideas" section) Feel free to share your thoughts here...
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