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New and updated plugins

One nice feature of pLog is that it offers a plugin mechanism to add those little features that are missing from the without forcing everybody to use them. A couple of nice new plugins have been added today and some others have been updated to their latest versions. Keep reading to find out more! (More)

More plugins

Alongside 0.2.1, two more plugins have been released: the PHPNGallery plugin and the Print View plugin. The first one has been deveoped by the good guys at and implements a simple yet useful picture gallery, based on a text file which defines which pictures and with which description we'd like to show. The second one has been developed by the pLog team and allows to have a highly customizable "printer view" page of a post, in the same way some web sites do. The print view is driven by a template and a stylesheet that can be made as simple or as complex as needed.

Please let us know is you have any problems with any of these!

pLog 0.2.1 released!

Just out from the oven, 0.2.1 has been released. It is a maintenance release based on the 0.2 codebase that does not add any new feature bug fixes a few bugs that were found since 0.2 was released some time ago. Bug fixes are related to deleting stuff and now for example deleting a blog will also delete its posts, comments, permissions and so on... Sounds kind of funny that we forgot about such an obvious thing but we actually did :) Other bugs that have been fixed are related to htmlarea leaving some garbage in empty text boxes, making for example pLog show the "read more" link when there was no more text.

If updating from 0.2, the best way to update to this release is to simply replace all the .php files from the previous release with the new ones. There is no need to re-run the wizard and pLog will use the same configuration settings, templates, languages and so on. In case we are updating from the 0.1 branch, then using the wizard is recommended.

Release notes can be found here and the download packages can be found in the "Files" section in our project page. Please let us know if you have any problems with this release and in the meantime, happy plogging! :)


Another one of our users has contributed with an implementation of the Blogger API so that you can blog right from your desktop. The plugin supports all the methods of the API, as well as some other pLog-related features such as multiple blogs and categories, topics, etc, which were not originally included in the Blogger API. The plugin includes a thorough tutorial full of screenshots describing how to configure one of the most popular clients, w.bloggar, in order to use it with pLog. The plugin has been tested to work with w.bloggar as well as with Blogbuddy, but please drop us a line if you can get it working with any other client.

The plugin can be downloaded from here.

pLog 0.2 is out!

pLog 0.2 has been released, marking the second important release of the project after the successful 0.1 branch. Of course, pLog 0.2 brings an impressive set of new features:

  • Speed improvements. pLog should feel now much faster than 0.1.x. In our tests, the time required to process a request was about 5-6 times faster
  • Improved administration interface. Now every single aspect of pLog can be controlled from the administration console. There is no need to edit configuration files anymore!
  • User levels, including normal users, blog owners and users with administrator permissions. Possibility to easily add/remove users from blogs.
  • Improved "Read More" feature. Now instead of abruptly cutting the post, you'll get two different text boxes when typing the post so that the user can choose what to show in the main page and what to show in the post page.
  • User comments can be auto formatted. Also, it is now possible to choose in which order user comments will appear, newest first or oldest first.
  • Easy interface to dynamicall add language files and theme packs.
  • Search-engine friendly URLs (only available when using Apache 1.3.x)
  • Improved plugin interface.
  • Bug Fixes

A few template sets and additional plugins have also been released, but have not been included in the main package. They can be found in the "Extras" section in the top menu bar.

Keep reading for more information or see the release notes for pLog 0.2 (More)

0.2-beta is out for testing!

Go and grab pLog 0.2-beta and help us testing! The beta is feature complete and there shouldn't be many bugs left (as far as we know :)) The only things missing are the updated versions of the non-English languages but that has been scheduled for the first release candidate. For a brief list of changes since 0.1.2, see the release notes. We will provide a more detailed one for the final version. And remember, you can still help us to translate pLog to your language!
Drop us a line in the forums if you find any bug. Happy plogging! :)

Another maintenance release: pLog 0.1.2

I uploaded yesterday to SourceForge the packages containing release 0.1.2. One of our readers from our forums noticed a bug in the code that takes care of sending trackback pings to hosts that support that feature. While fixing that bug, another important one related to receiving trackbacks was found and also fixed. It's only two bugs but I thought the problems were important enough to make another release. Get it from the usual place.
Happy p-logging! :)

pLog 0.1.1 released

The first maintenance release of the 0.1 series peacefully made its way to the download servers today and it is available for download in the downloads area. It is meant to be a maintenance release fixing a few bugs that were discovered after releasing 0.1, so it has no new features. The only interesting new things in this release are two additional translations of the texts, Japanese and German, thanks to the collaboration of two of our users (kudos to them on behalf of the team!) New translations are always welcome so please get in touch with us (forums or mail) if you're insterested in helping us out.
Have a look at the ChangeLog for more details about the changes in this version.
Happy blogging! At least while we finish version 0.2 :)

pLog 0.1 Released!

Final release of the 0.1 version. A few bugs were caught and fixed, but other than that, it is the same 0.1rc1 version that was released last week. Please see the Changelog for this version for more information. Documentation has also been updated and the packages are now smaller, since many unneeded files have been removed. Can be downloaded from here
These are the basic changes:
  • Now by default no network checks are performed when entering email address. If you wish to have that functionality back, please enable the "check_email_address_validity" setting in the configuration file. This setting has been reported to cause some problems and timeouts.
  • When entering a new link in the admin interface, if the user forgot to add the "http://" in front, it will be added.
  • A few strings from the default template had not been localized.
  • The texts for htmlarea were in Spanish rather than in English. Now they're back to English.
  • If htmlarea wasn't enabled, the help window wasn't working in the admin interface. That has been fixed.
If you think you've found another bug, please do not hesitate to let us know, either via the forums, mailing list, or the bug reporting interface provided by Sourceforge.
Happy blogging, and thanks to all the users who reported bugs and who are already running pLog!

pLog 0.1 RC1 Released!

It took a while but the first release candidate is finally here! If nothing really strange happens, this release will eventually become the 0.1 final release.
All you need to do is grab the files from here, either in tar.gz or in tar.bz2 format, unpack them and run the wizard.php script. The new version comes with redesigned and slicker documentation that will guide you through the process of installing pLog, if any help is required at all. The documentation can also be browsed on-line here.
If you are installing from the latest development release, plog-devel-20030805, the wizard includes also support for upgrading the database structure (which has slightly changed a little) but it will take care of everything so that you don't lose your information. If you are installing from a previous development release, it is strongly recommended that you recreate the whole database since there have been too many changes since then.
Finally, if you are installing from a previous pLog stable release, it is also recommended that you throw it all away since changes are way too extreme to keep things compatible. However, in a few days I will post a simple php script that I myself developed and used to convert my own journal to the latest version.
For your information, this is a brief list with the most important changes since the last stable release:
  • Completely rewritten code base, to make it more modular, following a pseudo-MVC model.
  • Multiple unlimited users per blog and multiple blogs per single installation of pLog.
  • Database storage
  • Smarty based templating layer that completely isolates the presentation of the content from the core classes.
  • Posts now can be classified under categories, and comments can be posted for every post.
  • Visual edition of HTML code, thanks to the HTMLArea component (only available if using Mozilla 1.3b+ or IE 5.5 or higher)
  • Automatic generation or archives and calendar.
  • Completely localizable, including texts, dates, numbers and the administration interface. The default package contains texts in English, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Chinese (traditional) and Chinese (Taiwan), Italian (partly) and Portuguese (partly) Please contact the team leaving a message in the forums or by joining the mailing list if interested in translating pLog to your own language.
  • Blogging features: Support for XML-RPC Ping notification-style for sites like or Support for sending and receiving Trackback pings. Generation and aggreagation of RSS feeds.
  • Easily extendable with a plugin system
Please, if you find any bug or problem, do not forget to report it either in the project forums or directly by filling in a bug report using the interface at Sourceforge. You collaboration is as important as the code itself!

Happy blogging! :)
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