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The goal of the LifeType project is to create a stable multi-user and multi-blogging platform, to strengthen the concept of communities around blogs.


The LifeType project started in February 2003 when its leader, Oscar Renalias, needed a set of dynamic scripts for his personal web page. Even though he did not know about the idea of weblogs back then, the outcome of the first iteration of the project already resembled one. A few weeks later Francesc, another one of the founding members, suggested that developing a blog with support for multiple users and blogs could be a better idea, and so pLog 0.1 was released on the 2nd of September 2003 featuring most of the features that are still part of the core features nowadays: multi-user and multi-blog from the ground up, template engine, localizable and extensible via plugins.

pLog 0.2 was released on the 9th of November, sporting new search engine-friendly URLS, speed improvements, a better plugin interface and changes in the administration interface. At this point is where pLog started to gather some interest from the community and when pLog 0.3 was released later on March 2004, it was warmly received by the community: it still is the most downloaded pLog/LifeType release ever. pLog 0.3 introduced the concept of "resources" and the integration of media files with articles, time differences, an integrated RSS parser and a Bayesian anti spam filter.

LifeType 1.0 was released in April 2005, with LifeType 1.0.6 being the last maintenance release of the 1.0.x branch in June 2006. LifeType 1.0 marked the beginning of a new era for LifeType, with a modernized user interface and plenty of exciting features for bloggers. Lifetype 1.2 was released on the 20th of March 2007 and brought a new fine-grained permission framework, performance improvements when serving files and plenty of other performance improvements. The current bugfix release of the 1.2 branch is LifeType 1.2.12, released in July 2013.

Relationship between LifeType and pLog has been holding the "plog" trademark much longer than the project has been around, so the project was kindly asked to change its name.

On behalf of the LifeType project, we would like to thank the attitude of towards the LifeType project. Where others would have decided to sue an open source project, decided to work together with us so that we could find a solution that would suit all of us. And this is how the pLog project became the LifeType project.

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qDevel has the greatest LifeType-related knowledge, with some of its employees being current or former members of the LifeType projects. Please get in touch with them if you need any consulting services related to LifeType.


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