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LifeType Downloads

1-Click LifeType Setup

If you don't want to download and set it up yourself, you can get LifeType setup for you with A2 Hosting and their 1-click LifeType install. You'll also get the highest performance with their SSD Hosting featuring 300% faster page load speeds than their competition.


Please visit the plugins overview in the wiki. All available plugins are documented and downloadable there.

Template Sets

While we maintain a template overview in the wiki, you may find other sources for LifeType templates or like to design your own.

Development Versions

The current development version is LifeType 2.0. To take the current development version for a spin you may get one of the daily snapshots or check out the code via our Subversion repository. Keep in mind, that the development version is not meant for use in production and any snapshot may or may not work out of the box.

Other Downloads

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