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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a list with the most frequently asked questions available in the wiki. Please check if your problem has already been answered there, it will save us time if we don't have to answer the same question over and over again.

  1. When trying to run the wizard during installation, it doesn't work and I get lots of messages like "fopen(./tmp/3f4c7de95a680): failed to open stream: Permission denied", "Smarty error: problem writing temporary file './tmp/3f4c7de95a680'" or "touch(): Unable to create file ./tmp/wizard^intro.template because Permission denied". What can I do?
  2. How can I recover my password?
  3. I can't see the icons in the visual HTML editor after installing!
  4. How can users register a Blog on my System?
  5. Why can't I add new template files?
  6. I get "There was no resource file uploaded" when adding a new resource
  7. I cannot see the graphical editor of posts even though I have set _"Enable WYSIWYG edition of texts"_ to yes in my blog settings
  8. When I try to add a link using the graphical editor of posts by clicking the button with the anchor icon, I get a pop-up window asking me for a URL but then nothing is added to the text.
  9. The wizard throws the following error when I move to step number two
  10. How can I use "https://" URLs with pLog?
  11. Locales with access do not work
  12. How can I configure "Search Engine friendly" URLs?
  13. Where is the administration panel?
  14. No thumbnail is generated at all when uploading GIF files!
  15. After installing pLog in my RH9/Fedora Core server the texts are all messed up!
  16. How do I set summary.php as the front page of my site?
  17. My PHP is running out of memory/I can't see anything in my pages
  18. I am getting an allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted error
  19. When subdomains are enabled, says that the blog doesn't exist!
  20. How Can I display my pLog blog in non-pLog pages?
  21. How do I configure support for subdomains?
  22. How do I configure custom URLs?
  23. I am using subdomains, can I remove /blog/ from URLs?
  24. I am getting an error in file XXX line YYY right after installation, why do you guys have broken code?
  25. Tables don't exist on Fresh Install


Most of the support in the LifeType project is handled via the forums avaliable at


The documentation of the project is maintained in the project wiki.


Should you find any bug in a stable or development release of LifeType, please help the project by reporting it via the project's bug tracking system.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the preferred way to communicate with the developers, although they should not be used for support questions but insted, to discuss other aspects of the project such as new ideas, development issues and so on. Currently there are two public mailing lists available to everyone:

Click the links above to sign up for any of them, follow the instructions and don't forget to reply to the confirmation mail necessary to finish the registration process.

Additional Resources

These are additional links related to installing and configuring certain features of LifeType:

Installing and configuring PHP.
Configuring DNS and Apache to support subdomains.
Apache documentation on ForceType.