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Development status

Today I committed to CVS support for links and link categories (I think that is also known as 'blogroll') It actually works as you can see on the column on the right side :)
We've been thinking about adding support for WYSIWYG text edition controls like ofhtmlarea or Spaw. HTML editing becomes much easier since everything's done in a graphical mode. My concern is that these things use Javascript (I don't really fancy Javascript) and require a pretty new version of browsers (IE 5.5+ and Mozilla 1.3b+ in the case of ofhtmlarea) What do you think? Do you think that it would be a nice feature? Please post your thoughts as comments.
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  1. Comment Availability...
    I think the availability of features is teh driving factor. Make html editing availabled, but as an option that can be turned on or off. I personally like manually throwing in html. But, there are, I am sure, many people who would rather not have to worry about it.
    Posted by Darren 16 Jul 2003, 06:38
  2. Comment No Subject
    Thanks for your feedback! I think that can be easily done... We'll keep in mind when developing it.
    Posted by oscar 16 Jul 2003, 06:56
  3. Comment Another comment regarding linktracker
    I think the Link Tracker is nice, but it only tracks links used by hte poster. It would be really nice to roll up links that have been entered by both the user, and comments to that users posts.
    Posted by Darren 16 Jul 2003, 08:07
  4. Comment Ok!
    I'll include that in the list of things to include when I get roung to implementing the link tracker feature in the new version. Maybe I'll make it configurable, so that you can search links in only the post or both the links and comments.
    Posted by oscar 16 Jul 2003, 08:25