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What is working... and what is not

Not too bad that there is already somebody interested in testing the development version in the CVS :) I thought it might be interesting to at least list all the features that are already working (as of today, 15th of July) and those basic ones that are not.

Things that working:
  • New posts can be added, categorized and published or kept as drafts for later edition.
  • Posts can be listed by using different filters (categories, status, etc) and deleted.
  • Optionally for every post, the platform can send an email to the poster notifying of new comments.
  • We can add as many posts categories as we need. Later on we will use these categories to classify all the different posts.
  • We can change some of the settings of the blog: language used to display the messages, name and description of the blog, template used to render the content, etc.
  • Comes with two templates: this yellowish flashy one and the default one.
The following things are considered basic but don't work yet or haven't been implemented yet:
  • Posts cannot be edited or previewed.
  • Categories cannot be deleted.
  • The 'blogroll' feature doesn't work yet. That is, we can't add our own favourite sites and links and categories to classify those links.
The next few days I'll probably contentrate on this list of not working features, to see if we can at least have a nice working version but without bells and whistles pretty soon. I'll keep you updated ;)
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  1. Comment What about hostname user selection
    Meaning:, or would hit the same directory and code-base, and the code would take the first part of the hostname as the ?user parameter?
    Posted by Darren Greer 15 Jul 2003, 10:36
  2. Comment Hmmmm...
    I'm not too sure if that would have to be done at the PHP code level or at Apache level. At least you need Apache to manage each vhost and then... I guess you could just extract the first part of the hostname and pass it as the user parameter. Now the bad news is that, the "user" parameter has disappeared and we have the "blogId" parameter. Now every blog can have more than user, so the association "1 blog == 1 user" is not valid anymore... I'll look into that if that feature is really necessary, though.
    Posted by oscar 15 Jul 2003, 17:12