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Another day is gone...

...and amongst other things developed today, the one that stands out the most is support for incoming Trackback requests. That is, if any trackback-enabled blogging platforms sends pLog a trackback request, pLog will be able to take it and keep it. If you don't know what Trackback is yet, it is basically a mean for a blog to say to another blog "hey, I am linking to you in my blog so I am sending you this notice, so that you know" (well, kind of ;)) Trackback then creates a web of relationships between blogs and it is useful to know who is linking to you and when (and it is also more reliable than relying solely on the http referer for this purpose) In the next few days I am planning to add support for sending trackback requests when adding new posts, but that'll take a little longer since it is a bit more difficult.
Other than that, we're getting closer to a final public release... The administrative interface is not finished yet but should be soon, while the new design for it is also on its way!!
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  1. Comment Plugins
    Going to have plugins in the first release?
    Posted by Darren 17 Jul 2003, 19:39
  2. Comment Let's see
    It all depends on how much longer it takes me to finish the first basic release... In my opinion Trackback is quite a basic feature of any modern blogging tool nowadays so that is why it is included in the 'core' functionality. And on the other hand, I haven't had too much time to think on how to make plugins interface with the core and so on... But it is an idea that I had (and I have!!) in mind so sooner or later we'll get it :)
    Posted by oscar 18 Jul 2003, 04:03
  3. Comment Great!
    Can't wait. I want to integrate my Haiku module into it, and also a daily-quote plugin (Sure there is something out there).
    Posted by Darren 18 Jul 2003, 07:07
  4. Comment I know :)
    I am working as fast as I can!!!! :)
    Posted by oscar 18 Jul 2003, 07:28
  5. Comment by the way...
    what is a "haiku"? Some kind of japanese poetry?
    Posted by oscar 18 Jul 2003, 07:29
  6. Comment Yep...
    I am pretty sure it is Japanese...might be Chinese. But, the typical structure is 5 syllable line, 7 syllable line, 5 syllable line. has my random generated Haiku on it.
    Posted by Darren Greer 20 Jul 2003, 22:40