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New version 20030718

Version 20030718 of the stable branch of pLog has just been released. It is mainly a maintenance release fixing a stupid bug in the code that generates the calendar, that made it not show the calenar correctly when using any other locale than English.
Other than that, it adds htmlarea, a replacement for the 'textarea' html tag. With htmlarea, instead of showing a plain empty box, htmlarea shows a real time preview of the text we're typing in a WYSIWYG maner. It also offers a toolbar with icons to change some of the text properties such as the font type, color, size, etc. Htmlarea only works with IE 5.5 or higher or Mozilla 1.3b or higher. If the browser is an unsupported one, we will still see the good old textarea. This feature comes enabled by default but it can be disabled in the configuration file.
Please leave a message in the project forums in case you have any problems! ;)

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  1. Comment lamevaweb
    I have changed the new version now in site. Thanks for all Oscar !
    Posted by sturmix 21 Jul 2003, 03:02