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plog-devel-20030723 and plog-20030724 too!

I am proud to announce that the first beta of the development version of pLog has been released. It doesn't have a proper version number (by the way, what should it be when it comes out, 0.1? 1.0??) because it is not a final version but a really stable beta. There are few little features which I haven't had time to implement but they'll be there for the final version (automatically open the links in new windows, automatic translation of smileys into icons, etc) as soon as I have time to finish them.
Other than that, this version has been in use in the project page for the last couple weeks without a glitch. It has to be noted, though, that this version is completely incompatible with the older stable version, mainly because the structure of the database has changed a lot. I haven't had time yet to write a script to 'convert' information from the old database format into the new one but that will be there in the final version too.
The package comes with detailed installation instructions that can also be checked here and as a new feature, a four-step wizard that will guide you through the process of installation. The wizard could have hidden bugs but it has always worked fine in my tests. If everything fails, a couple of sql scripts are also provided so that you can at least try to set up everything manually.
Other things that are planned for the final version are a nicer default template (do you know XHTML+CSS and want to help? drop me a line!) and a nicer set of templates for the administration interface (you'll notice that now it feels kind of "raw" ;)) In the meantime, the old default style and two more styles borrowed from The Book of Styles are included in the package.
Happy blogging!
UPDATE: Due to a bug report, reporting that urls were not properly encoded, I have made another maintenance release of the stable branch, 20030724. It is not a critical update unless you really need to have usernames with non-alphanumeric characters (for instance, "you&me" will not work prior to this release) Please report any other bugs you find. Thanks!!
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  1. Comment No Subject
    Can I help you to write a script to 'convert' information from the old database format into the new one ? I interested to test the new beta version.
    Posted by sturmix 24 Jul 2003, 07:22
  2. Comment Yes please!!
    You don't even have to ask :) I would really appreciate that... Please get in touch with me (phunkphorce AT or my very "private" one :)) and we can discuss how to do it, ok?
    Posted by oscar 24 Jul 2003, 07:28