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plog-devel-20030805 released!

As promised, this should be the last beta release. Main improvements are the extraction of all the static strings from the template files, since they have been moved to the locale file. Now that texts have stabilized (specially the ones from the administration interface) it would be nice if there is anybody who would be insterested in translating pLog to as many languages as possible. Feel free to help :) For a more detailed information, please refer to the release notes and Changelog. Other remarkable changes are the addition of the "user" parameter, more intuitive than the "blogId" parameter, and the complete redesign of the administration interface. Oh, and you must recreate the database once more before installing this release!

If there are no outstanding bugs, I would say this is ready for prime time, but let me know if you'd like to include any other translation in the main release.

Happy blogging! :)
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  1. Comment yeah
    Let me download it and try it.
    Posted by School 05 Aug 2003, 11:08