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It's bug time!

Last release, plog-devel-20030805 was almost rock solid and did all what it had to do pretty well, so it's time to turn it into an stable release. Actually, it's about time :) So please please, if you have found any bugs that you haven't let us know about, what are you waiting for!? ;) Use our project page to post any bugs so that we can fix them... Because we can't fix what we don't know about!
Thanks :)
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  1. Comment Mark-up fix
    Hi there Oscar, First things first, wow I was gone a week and so much has been updated. And there's manpages being written up? *SWEEET* Now as a comment on the bugs, you may want to just go through some of the template coding -- much of it is not XHTML validated. For example, in the line ..table class="calendar" width="130" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2> the cellspacing and cellpadding values should be surrounded in quotes as xhtml 1.0 strict/transitional suggests, and .. "imgs/rss_logo_small.gif" border="0"./> requires an ALT tag. I'm not sure if border is an attribute of the img tag anymore, but perhaps(?) it's workable. This is all based on the 0729 beta version of the devel branch, but the two mentioned above are still present on your main site. I'll probably hold off downloading this 0805 beta as *hopefully* the new release will come out really soon. If something comes up I'll let you know. I haven't brushed up on web markup in awhile, but just a small thing that I noticed running through the code.
    Posted by Brad 11 Aug 2003, 11:06
  2. Comment oh yeah
    Forgot to add, thanks very much for adding my feature request into the code!
    Posted by Brad 11 Aug 2003, 11:09
  3. Comment Thanks!
    Ideally, the goal would be to validate under the "strict" XHTML 1.0 profile but that would still require some work, so for the time being I'll clean-up the mark-up a little bit and try to validate under the "transitional" profile.
    Thanks for the feedback :)
    Posted by oscar 12 Aug 2003, 01:28