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I've been thinking that we need a little logo, so that we can display it on the bottom/side of the page saying "Powered by pLog". Or something like that? Any volunteer to give us a hand with that? Should be something small, not flashy at all. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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  1. Comment לוח מכירות פומביות

    לוח מכירות פומביות לוח מכירות פומביות לוח מכירות פומביות לוח מכירות פומביות

    Posted by לוח מכירות פומביות 23 Apr 2005, 15:24
  2. Comment No Subject

    Sentimental and nostalgic. Great. Zachotnah.

    Posted by Rebekka 31 Jul 2005, 14:38
  3. Comment No Subject

    Easy navigation and good design. Lovely little piece of independent mind. Exellent.

    Posted by Umka 01 Aug 2005, 13:05
  4. Comment No Subject

    You guys should spent more time with CSS/XHTML books... you site look completely diffrent in Opera - IE - Firefox
    [url=]coffee maker[/url] nah!

    Posted by Zg00sh 11 Aug 2005, 15:36
  5. Comment congratulations

    there are huge of silly people

    Posted by Kevin 13 Sep 2005, 18:05