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Now that the stable version is a frozen state, meaning that no more new features will be added before its release, it is time to start thinking on what will come next. The pLog team has several new features in mind and we would like to know what you -the users- think about them and if they would really be useful to anybody. Please note that the list of features I am going to give now is not sorted in any order (the first one will not be implemented first and the last one won't be implemented the last), but they will be written as they come to my head :)

  • Possibility to easily upload pictures and files, so that we can include them in posts and generate albums. There is already some work on this and this is probably the first feature that will be included in the new release, since I belive it is quite important to be able to add pictures to one's diary. But we will also have the possibility to create our own photo albums and show them to our friends.
  • A cleaner interface to add new themes/template sets and to invite users to join our blog. At the moment there is no other way to do that, other than adding records to the database manually.
  • Search feature.
  • Support for PostgreSQL as the underlying database storage system.
  • Enable or disable comments on a per-post basis, rather than on a global basis like now.
  • Blog-over-email features, so that we don't need a browser to quickly publish our stories.
  • "Hidden" categories. This basically means that not all categories would be shown in the homepage but only the ones we would select. This would be helpful in case we still want to have those categories but we don't want to clutter the web site with too much text. These categories would still be shown on the list of categories and could be still accessed by readers.
  • Generation or RSS-compliant feeds on a per-category basis, not on a general basis.
  • Many more templates included in the default package (or in an additional template package), so that people with zero knowledge of html and templates can find something that they like.
  • XMLRPC Blogger-compatible API
  • More than one category per post.
We'd like to know what you think!! Let us know if you would like to see something included here.
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  1. Comment No Subject
    Prettified URLS would rock
    Posted by picxpert 20 Aug 2003, 13:46
  2. Comment Thanks!
    Yeah, thanks for the reminder... I also think that "prettier" URLs are nicer, but it is still not clear to me wether we should do that at Apache's level (mod_rewrite) or at the application level (it can be done and there is some support for it) In any case, that's something I also wanted to include it but somehow forgot about it when typing the list ;)
    Posted by oscar 21 Aug 2003, 02:25
  3. Comment No Subject
    Using $PATH_INFO (or whatever it's called post-PHP 4.2) would be best, IMHO - some webhosts choke on .htaccess files, thanks to Microsoft's lovely mangling of Apache to support FrontPage extensions. You do wind up with urls like posts.php/53 in this case, but URL rewriting or using the ForceType directive could get that down to posts/53 - a much nicer look for people who can hack .htaccess
    Posted by PICxpert 21 Aug 2003, 11:40
  4. Comment No Subject
    hi. imho the template editing feature is one of the most important features, which should be added. (Sorry but it's more important as to include more templates by yourself, because someone should be easily able to make the design to suit to his needs) hidden categories are a good feature btw.
    Posted by batal 21 Aug 2003, 23:47
  5. Comment No Subject
    Well, I wasn't exactly meaning a template editing feature... Or at least, not yet since that would take quite long to finish and there are a few more important things that I'd like to do first. What I meant is an easier way to add the templates to the main application, since it is not as easy as putting your files in templates/ folder. A record should be added to the database in an specific table for that template to be available and at the moment there is no easy way to do that. That's what I meant ;)
    Posted by oscar 23 Aug 2003, 03:44
  6. Comment No Subject
    A small suggestion,

    Is there support for defining what the first page shown is? As of the 0729 release (still waiting for a final :) ) the default opening page was the first blog, but I'd like to display the summary page. As a multiple-user solution, I think that makes sense.

    Mentioned above, regarding the template editting. Is this possible to be done on a private level (per-user basis)? As I'm planning on multiple users, I would really hate for one user to edit the template and ruin another user's blog layout.

    Keep up the good work Oscar, I'm writing up some plugins that I think may work -- and also I have an offer for you.
    Posted by Brad 25 Aug 2003, 10:18
  7. Comment No Subject
    I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to suggest :)
    Regarding how to define the first page... I am not too sure wether this functionality belongs to pLog because it can be easily achieved with Apache. If you compiled Apache with mod_dir (which comes in the default distro), you can use the DirectoryIndex directive. It can also be specified in the .htaccess file if you don't have access to the main Apache config file.
    If none of these alternatives is possible... then we'll have to consider moving that feature inside the core functionality of pLog.
    Posted by oscar 26 Aug 2003, 00:41
  8. Comment No Subject
    I'm currently using nucleuscms but I definetely have my eye on pLog now. One of the small-but-decisive features of nucleuscms is it's "Fancy URLs" feature, allowing you to have URLs such as: or so on.
    Posted by Anthron 30 Aug 2003, 21:16
  9. Comment apache?

    does it need to be apache in the next version then? I'm running plog-0.2 on a caudium web server (all unmodified) and it's just fine. Since there are quite a lot of sites on that box, we can't change it to be an apache just for a single blog.

    If I had a choice of what I really want is enabling of comments on per post basis and an interface for image/file uploads.

    Posted by digitalhippie 14 Nov 2003, 16:14
  10. Comment Re: Apache

    Well, it has to be apache in case you want to use advanced features such as search engine friendly urls, because it uses some advanced features only available in Apache. If you don't need those, it will be just fine, we simply recommend Apache because it's what the developers use and because we know it works :)

    Regarding the next version, you'll get an easy interface for uploading images in 0.3 for sure. We're already working for it. In the meantime, one of users is developing a plugin to allow users to easily upload images that will do the while we finish the next version. Hopefully it'll be released in a few days.

    Thanks for using pLog! :)


    Posted by oscar 15 Nov 2003, 03:31