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pLog 0.1 RC1 Released!

It took a while but the first release candidate is finally here! If nothing really strange happens, this release will eventually become the 0.1 final release.
All you need to do is grab the files from here, either in tar.gz or in tar.bz2 format, unpack them and run the wizard.php script. The new version comes with redesigned and slicker documentation that will guide you through the process of installing pLog, if any help is required at all. The documentation can also be browsed on-line here.
If you are installing from the latest development release, plog-devel-20030805, the wizard includes also support for upgrading the database structure (which has slightly changed a little) but it will take care of everything so that you don't lose your information. If you are installing from a previous development release, it is strongly recommended that you recreate the whole database since there have been too many changes since then.
Finally, if you are installing from a previous pLog stable release, it is also recommended that you throw it all away since changes are way too extreme to keep things compatible. However, in a few days I will post a simple php script that I myself developed and used to convert my own journal to the latest version.
For your information, this is a brief list with the most important changes since the last stable release:
  • Completely rewritten code base, to make it more modular, following a pseudo-MVC model.
  • Multiple unlimited users per blog and multiple blogs per single installation of pLog.
  • Database storage
  • Smarty based templating layer that completely isolates the presentation of the content from the core classes.
  • Posts now can be classified under categories, and comments can be posted for every post.
  • Visual edition of HTML code, thanks to the HTMLArea component (only available if using Mozilla 1.3b+ or IE 5.5 or higher)
  • Automatic generation or archives and calendar.
  • Completely localizable, including texts, dates, numbers and the administration interface. The default package contains texts in English, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Chinese (traditional) and Chinese (Taiwan), Italian (partly) and Portuguese (partly) Please contact the team leaving a message in the forums or by joining the mailing list if interested in translating pLog to your own language.
  • Blogging features: Support for XML-RPC Ping notification-style for sites like or Support for sending and receiving Trackback pings. Generation and aggreagation of RSS feeds.
  • Easily extendable with a plugin system
Please, if you find any bug or problem, do not forget to report it either in the project forums or directly by filling in a bug report using the interface at Sourceforge. You collaboration is as important as the code itself!

Happy blogging! :)
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  1. Comment Bugs
    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this (please correct me if so). I found a few minor bugs in the default template. 1) in the file templates/default/post.template, you're missing a closing quote just before the src= in the permanent link image tag. 2) If you leave that image in that line is too long for the table (I deleted the image, but you could just resize the table). This software looks pretty cool. I really like how it uses CSS and such. The wizard is absolutely wonderful. I may do some development on it myself. If I do, where should I send patches and stuff? Just email them directly to you? Thanks again for the cool software.
    Posted by Brad 28 Aug 2003, 13:32
  2. Comment About bugs
    If you need to report any bug, it would be better to use the bug reporting system that SF offers: here. But there's no need to this time, I'll fix it as soon as possible ;)
    Regarding taking part in the development area, in the beginning it would be better that you send your patches/modifications to me. Or even better, send them to the list so that everybody can see them and comment on their functionality.
    Posted by oscar 29 Aug 2003, 00:03