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pLog now reachable through Freshmeat

Hoping to start creating a bigger community around pLog, I posted and announcement at What I didn't know is that all submissions have to be checked and approved before they can make it to the first page... The announcement and also goal of pLog seemed to convince the folks at FM, so we are now featured there. In any case, I hope more people will get to know about pLog from now on, since the 10 most recent applications in FM are also displayed in the front page in Slashdot.
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  1. Comment Cool
    Just discovered pLog thanks to Freshmeat. I'm a long time MovableType user, but always looking for something new and open source.
    Posted by Jerry 29 Aug 2003, 07:25
  2. Comment Great!
    Jerry, thank you for stopping by! :)
    Posted by oscar 29 Aug 2003, 07:58