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pLog 0.1 Released!

Final release of the 0.1 version. A few bugs were caught and fixed, but other than that, it is the same 0.1rc1 version that was released last week. Please see the Changelog for this version for more information. Documentation has also been updated and the packages are now smaller, since many unneeded files have been removed. Can be downloaded from here
These are the basic changes:
  • Now by default no network checks are performed when entering email address. If you wish to have that functionality back, please enable the "check_email_address_validity" setting in the configuration file. This setting has been reported to cause some problems and timeouts.
  • When entering a new link in the admin interface, if the user forgot to add the "http://" in front, it will be added.
  • A few strings from the default template had not been localized.
  • The texts for htmlarea were in Spanish rather than in English. Now they're back to English.
  • If htmlarea wasn't enabled, the help window wasn't working in the admin interface. That has been fixed.
If you think you've found another bug, please do not hesitate to let us know, either via the forums, mailing list, or the bug reporting interface provided by Sourceforge.
Happy blogging, and thanks to all the users who reported bugs and who are already running pLog!
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  1. Comment Great job!
    I have a web server that I use for testing web related things. I installed the plog a few days ago and it seems to be working great! The only problem I had was that I didn't install it in the plog directory so I had to edit the one js file to put my path in so the images in the editor would work. (which was well documented in the documentation - kudos)
    Posted by Jeff Darling 07 Sep 2003, 13:46
  2. Comment Thanks!
    It's nice to hear that somebody is finding our efforts useful :)
    Posted by oscar 08 Sep 2003, 08:32