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Developers are welcome :)

So far this has mainly been a one man project, although some people have greatly helped in areas such as documentation writing and bug hunting. However, it would be nice to have somebody helping out in a more or less regular way. Currently, the core features are there and they're stable. Many people out there are already using pLog, so it is time to start implementing the required features to make pLog consolidate as a viable and reliable blogging platform. People are also requesting very cool features and I wish I had time to do everything myself but unfortunately I can't. I can actually promise that everything will be there, sooner or later :), but things would go faster with some help.
You don't need a lot experience, since everything can be learnt along the way. Some knowledge of PHP and and basic concepts of object-oriented programming would be enough to start. Despite the topic calling for developers, if you don't like/don't know development, good designers are also welcome in order to create a nicer and unique default layout, as well as "beautifying" the administration interface. There's work for everybody! :) What do *you* think? :)
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  1. Comment No Subject
    Hi there, I could help you on this project if you want. I've got some basic grasp of PHP/MySQL (I've developed a non-OO community) and also some knowledge of OO (through C++). Anyway, I'm a student who just realized I don't *do* anything during the days, I just sit around reading Slashdot. Doing some work one can feel good about would be great. Thanks. /Matt Hellstrom
    Posted by hajjs 20 Sep 2003, 02:52
  2. Comment Good to hear :)
    If interested, the first thing you should is to join the mailing list using the web interface. Then we will see what is there to be done and/or what you'd like to do.
    Posted by oscar 20 Sep 2003, 04:28