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Status update

It's been a few weeks since the last post in this journal but that doesn't mean that we're not here anymore. In fact, it means that we're so busy getting the next release ready that we haven't had any time to write here.
First of all, and thanks to one of our most loyal users, we have moved the main journal and the forums to a faster server and we even have our own domain name: The pLog team would like to express our gratefulness for such kind gesture :)
Regarding the current status, the release schedule of the fortcoming 0.2 release was posted to the mailing list, so if everything goes well, we'll have 0.2 sometime late November. The next release will come packed with new features and improvement such as a more powerful administration interface, user levels and easy interface to add/remove users from a blog, possibility of changing the timestamp of posts (now you can for instance post things in the future :)), blog-specific templates, improved plugin interface, and many more! Stay tuned and remember that if you feel like giving us a hand by testing the latest features, you can always use the CVS version (it ought to be quite stable at the moment)
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