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Translate pLog into your own language!

One of the key features of pLog is that it supports multiple languages out of the box. So far, as well as English it has been translated into Spanish, Catalan, German, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Taiwan) and Russian. However, if you feel that you could take care of translating pLog into your own language and of course maintaining it in the future (don't worry, it's not too much work) you should then drop us a line for example in our forums or emailig me ( Any effort regarding this area will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Comment 234

    Không đề thứ n + 1 ...

    Ngày xưa tập tễnh đòi yêu thử
    Ngả nghiêng vì ánh mắt ai nhìn
    Tình quả là trò chơi nghiệt ngã
    Nên giờ ta cạn kiệt niềm tin ...

    Trong ta còn một trái tim
    Mà nhịp đập chợt lặng im vô hồn ...

    Posted by abc 17 Nov 2003, 22:47
  2. Comment pLog into Turkish Language

    Hey guys;

    I just downloaded and started to using pLog for my personal blog page and I am really satisfied with pLog :) I am going to translate pLog into my own language actually I already translated some but its just for view of the main page so I need to more time to translate admin areas and the others...It will be Turkish :) I just wondering about where do I need to post it when I am done with it?

    Nice works guyz keep developing :) Please some one contact with me by email for informing me...


    This is my personal blog site address
    email :

    Posted by Taylan 18 Jul 2004, 18:38
  3. Comment Oooppsss the time is 5:00am in here

    and I was like blind...I did not see " you should then drop us a line for example in our forums or emailig me (" eheheh :) I just read the topic and did not pay attention the all post...

    Sorry for sending another post :)


    Posted by Taylan 18 Jul 2004, 18:41
  4. Comment as


    Posted by a 18 Jul 2004, 18:48