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Since we launched the 0.2 release of pLog a few more extras have been added to the project, thanks also to our fantastic users who have been submitting new templates sets, logos, plugins and language files. The Extras section will be the central hub where to find all these goodies. Have a look!
UPDATE 21-11-2003: The "Send To Friend" plugin has been removed due to some strange problems. It will be back online as soon as those problems have been fixed. Drop us a line in the forums if you installed it and if somehow, your blog is not working anymore.
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Since the launch of 0.2 we have added the following: the "lighthouse" and "3-column-liquid" templates. The first one is a modification of the "roof" template with a beautiful picture, while the second can be used as the base to make your own. It's a tableless XHTML and CSS-based template with 3 columns, with a "liquid" layout that adjusts as much as possible to the size of the window browser.

Regarding new language files, one of our Dutch speaking users has also contributed with the Dutch translation for pLog. Thanks Koen :) And if anybody else would be interested in translating pLog to your native language, please let us know.

Another of our users has contributed with the "Documents" plugin, which will allow the users of your blog to easily upload files and also manage those uploaded files. Thanks to Darren for such a nice plugin. The pLog team has also contributed with the beta version of the "Send to Friend" plugin, which will allow visitors of your page to send any article to any of their friends via email. Fortunately, the plugin has security mechanisms to prevent abuse and overuse of it by users.

And last but not least, we have also received a couple of cute icons that you can use in your page if you wish to do so. Hope you like them as much as we do! :)

If you feel you can help the project in any way, drop us a line here, or in the forums.
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