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Another one of our users has contributed with an implementation of the Blogger API so that you can blog right from your desktop. The plugin supports all the methods of the API, as well as some other pLog-related features such as multiple blogs and categories, topics, etc, which were not originally included in the Blogger API. The plugin includes a thorough tutorial full of screenshots describing how to configure one of the most popular clients, w.bloggar, in order to use it with pLog. The plugin has been tested to work with w.bloggar as well as with Blogbuddy, but please drop us a line if you can get it working with any other client.

The plugin can be downloaded from here.
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  1. Comment Please follow specs

    No offense, but the plugin is a crude Blogger API hack (embedding the title in the content field defeats the purpose of using XML). For what pLog offers, I recommend to implement MovableType API support (so you can use proper and even fields. Documentation is here:

    Posted by Adriaan 12 Nov 2004, 00:52