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New and updated plugins

One nice feature of pLog is that it offers a plugin mechanism to add those little features that are missing from the without forcing everybody to use them. A couple of nice new plugins have been added today and some others have been updated to their latest versions. Keep reading to find out more!
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One of the most interesting ones, the XMLRPC plugin, has been updated to its latest version. It features now more descriptive error messages and in general, offers more robustness against errors. Check it out if you're interested in using tools such as w.Bloggar with pLog, to rant and rave from your desktop! :)

Another plugin, the Print View plugin has also been updated. If now has a nicer default stylesheet so it almost does not need any changes to make it attractive to use. It has been planned to add support for generating PDF files from our posts in future versions, so keep an eye on it. This plugin has also been enabled on these pages so that you can have an idea of how it works by using the "Printable view of this post" link below.

If you're into Japanese culture, maybe you've heard of "haikus". If not, perhaps this plugin is not for you... But if you'd like to show random haikus in your pLog pages, have a look at the haiku plugin, written by Darren Greer. It easily allows you to show random haikus anywhere in your pages, as well as being able to add and edit your own haikus! The haiku plugin has been in use for some time now in this site (look on the right column, on the top) and is now finally ready for general use. Don't miss this one!

Finally, another little plugin called JsDictionary plugin. This plugin uses a little bit of Javascript code to make your pages even more interactive. It basically allows your users to double click on any word and get information about it. If they need to get information about more than one word, they only have to select the text and then press the enter key. Once a word or text has been selected, we can forward our users to any site we want to get more information about it. For example, the plugin has been enabled in these pages so if you try to double click on a word, you'll get the definition of that word from The plugin itself offers many more sites such as Wikipedia, a Google or Yahoo! search, the Cambridge dictionary or even on the fly translations via Babelfish! If none of the preset sites suit your needs, the plugin also allows to define custom sites. The plugin requires a browser compatible with the Javascript 1.2 standard (any modern browser should do)
  1. Comment Nice

    Yeah, nice ! Good work !

    Posted by Marginal 11 Jan 2004, 13:33
  2. Comment Love the updates

    The updates are great. I just took a peek at the cvs and i'm starting to make hacks onto my own blog from it, Great job guys.
    ~ Nick

    Posted by Nick 27 Jan 2004, 15:06
  3. Comment it doesn't work

    Exception message: process(/var/www/html/blog/class/action/douserregister.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
    Error code: 2
    -- Backtrace --
    /var/www/html/blog/class/controller/controller.class.php(91): process
    /var/www/html/blog/register.php(275): controller.process

    Exception message: process(): Failed opening '/var/www/html/blog/class/action/douserregister.class.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/php/includes:/usr/share/php')
    Error code: 2
    -- Backtrace --
    /var/www/html/blog/class/controller/controller.class.php(91): process
    /var/www/html/blog/register.php(275): controller.process

    This page looks plain and unstyled because you're using a non-standard compliant browser. To see it in its best form, please upgrade to a browser that supports web standards. It's free and painless.

    Posted by yoyo 01 Apr 2004, 02:01
  4. Comment Re: it doesn't work

    sorry, that's a known problem. While 0.3.1 comes out, download the following and replace register.php with the one inside this package:

    It should work :)

    Posted by oscar 01 Apr 2004, 08:44
  5. Comment No Subject

    thanks Oscar!
    I am not a computergirl :-) but I want pblog on my website my friend is trying to help me(he is in China and english is not good :-( )
    I told him what you told me, I hope it will help.
    Take Care

    Posted by YoYo 01 Apr 2004, 10:12
  6. Comment we have problem again

    Thanks!last one seems ok~~
    please go to:
    the 3 button(yoyo jet oopera) on the right under "blogs" ,it seems does't work ;-(

    Posted by yoyo 01 Apr 2004, 11:45
  7. Comment I have also fixed that... the upcoming 0.3.1 release. I am going to release it very very soon, do you think you could wait??

    Posted by oscar 02 Apr 2004, 03:11
  8. Comment Ver03.1

    Thanks for all the feedback, I am impressed with your dedication when will 0.3.1 be released.

    Posted by YOYO 02 Apr 2004, 12:06