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Main site updated to pre-0.3 from CVS!

I have just updated this site to run the latest version that can be found in CVS, which is quite close to being 0.3. We still have to work a little on polishing some rough edges and on the translations but I believe it won't be long before 0.3 comes out. Templates don't look very different though you can see that for example now every category can have its own RSS feed and it is also possible to generate feeds in several different versions of RDF and RSS. Also links are shown under their categories instead of being shown as one long list.

Other very interesting features that 0.3 will have, are the possibility of uploading any kind of file to the blog (a demo of that coming soon here!!) and anti-spam features such as IP address/range blocking, and even a bayesian filter included in the core of pLog to help us fight the threat of blog-spam and trackback-spam. We hope you will like it :)
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  1. Comment nice...

    looks very nice indeed, well done

    Posted by matt 30 Jan 2004, 19:22
  2. Comment nice...

    .... but still no search :(

    Posted by Melvin 31 Jan 2004, 11:50
  3. Comment i like it!

    cool indeed , thanks oscar ! :) we are waiting for 0.3 !

    Posted by Zoup 31 Jan 2004, 23:17
  4. Comment Finally..

    I saw my album (after reviewing sourcecode for 3 hours :P), using this:



    Posted by Imran 02 Feb 2004, 10:34
  5. Comment Cool

    I can't wait to see the 0.3...

    Posted by Loger 02 Feb 2004, 20:43
  6. Comment Abotu the search engine and the picture albums

    Regarding the search engine, it was decided long time ago that a search engine would not be included in 0.3. The reasons for that are, first that when starting the development of a new version we need to define a set of things we'd like to include, so that we know when to stop developing and the release cycle doesn't take too long. Also, we need certain theoretical knowledge for building a search/indexing engine that we do not have at the moment. We want to build something better than a "SELECT * FROM articles WHERE text LIKE '%word%" but if you are patient, a search engine is probably the item with a highest priority for 0.4.

    About user Imran who had trouble finding his picture albums, you can easily add a link to an album in any post by clicking the "Add Resource" link in the "New Post" page and then, clicking the "Add Album" link, on the right column of the album we'd like to add. Using an album id of '0' will allow to browse all the albums starting from the very top.

    Posted by oscar 02 Feb 2004, 22:54
  7. Comment when

    can't wait for .3 release.


    Posted by abba 08 Feb 2004, 08:18
  8. Comment Re: When?


    As soon as we can :) We're working on it... we're in the final stages but there's still some work to do. So please, be patient!! :)

    Posted by oscar 08 Feb 2004, 09:54
  9. Comment Upgrading

    Where are the directions for upgrading? Do I just sort of unpack the files and run with it or what?

    Posted by dagit 21 Feb 2004, 05:25
  10. Comment Re: upgrading


    Regarding upgrading, we are working in order to have some decent documentation regarding upgrading in time for the final release (or even in time for the beta release, so that we can have more people involved)

    If you don't wish to wait, very roughly what you should do is remove everything from your pLog folder except the config/ folder and any custom template you may have (if any) Then, simply run the wizard.php script of the new version and select the "update" path. It will take care of everything else...

    Posted by oscar 23 Feb 2004, 04:38