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New translation and status of 0.3

One of our users was kind enough to provide us with a German translation for for pLog 0.2. Many thanks!!

Regarding 0.3, we have finally got the new Bayesian filter to work properly. And that is a good thing (tm) :) Also, perhaps more important than the new anti-spam filter is that pLog does not need the magic_quotes_gpc setting from PHP to be enabled anymore, thanks to the hard work of another of our users. We are thinking about releasing a beta version very soon so please keep checking the project page!!
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  1. Comment No Subject

    is an french translation existing ?

    Posted by Olivier AUDRY 01 Mar 2004, 13:42
  2. Comment French translation

    No, unfortunately there is no French translation yet... I heard something some time ago in the forums but haven't heard again form that user so the answer is not yet.

    Please let us know if interested :)

    Posted by oscar 01 Mar 2004, 13:49
  3. Comment No Subject

    when will the .3 release ?

    Posted by Bloger 01 Mar 2004, 22:24
  4. Comment 0.3 release will be...

    ...soon, at least the beta is almost ready. Well, it's a beta but it has all the features so if nothing important pops up, my guess is that it will be the final one.

    Give me a couple of days more...


    Posted by oscar 01 Mar 2004, 23:44
  5. Comment dutch


    this to let everyone know that I'm working on the dutch translation. I hope it'll be finished by the time 0.3 final comes out so it'll be included in the release.


    Posted by Koen Calliauw 08 Mar 2004, 05:38
  6. Comment dutch translation finished

    I've finished the dutch translation.
    You can find it at

    Posted by Koen Calliauw 17 Mar 2004, 07:34
  7. Comment ITALIAN Translation

    Hi guys,
    I'm working on the italian translation of plog.

    At the moment 3/7 of the translation is done.
    I need some help to complete it.
    If someone wants to contribute, please contact me on
    Obviously the site is in italian, sorry for non italian speaking people.


    Posted by Alivin70 22 Apr 2004, 10:15
  8. Comment Re: ITALIAN Translation

    Hi Alivin70!

    It's very nice to know that you're going to help us translate plog to Italian! But you might want to try to place an announcement in the forums (, probably more people will see it there!

    In any case, let us now when it's ready!

    Posted by oscar 22 Apr 2004, 11:26
  9. Comment French translation in progress


    first I want to thank all pLogteam for such a nice - well designed - software.
    As I just discovered pLog two weeks oago, I don't feel brave enough to contribute to the dévelopment... may later when my understanding of the code will be mature.

    For now, I'm finishing the french translation of the admin area (the public area is done yet). Just in case you guy are planning to work on the same subject : don't ! expect for a release around the 20th of May.

    Oscar, some questions for you :
    - I saw some doubled items in frend local file. Needs a cleaning ?
    - why the use of parsed double-quoted strings for the locale when we can play with single ones ?

    Posted by Alainc 10 May 2004, 06:33
  10. Comment Nice Blog!

    It's nice to find this place!

    Posted by Cinderella 12 May 2004, 10:03
  11. Comment Português Brasileiro

    POis é... depois de testar esse blog e gostar muito comecei a traduzir ele... se alguém estiver afim de me ajudar manda um email que mando o que eu já tenho feito!!


    Posted by EddieMetal 14 May 2004, 03:35
  12. Comment Tradução


    Vc esta criando um arquivo ".mo" ou traduzindo direto no php?

    Posted by Fábio Vieira 27 May 2004, 23:11
  13. Comment French translation

    Hi, i just installed the rocks !!
    but what about the french translation? has anybody finished yet ??

    Thanks a lot


    Posted by Sly 14 Aug 2004, 10:25