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Issues with 0.3, and roadmap towards 1.0

No piece of software nowadays is 100% free from bugs and pLog is, unfortunately, no exception to the rule. I have collected a little list of the issues that have been found so far in 0.3.
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The following list includes all the issues that have been found so far in 0.3. They have already been fixed in CVS and will be included in the 0.3.1 maintenance release version:

  • the schema of the plog_article_comments table in the plog.sql file was missing two fields. If you installed from the wizard, it should be fine.
  • the 'blueish' template does not hide the comment when comments have been disabled for that post.
  • the register.php script was a little broken and it didn't work properly.
  • when the plugin manager was disabled, a warning was shown.
  • fixed the path where the action classes can be found in the controller; useful if we're planning to run blog from a different folder other than its access point through the web server.
  • there was a javascript error if the pop-up calendar was disabled.
Additionally, 0.3.1 will contain a few new features even though its main target is to consolidate the features that 0.3 offers. We will still wait for a couple of weeks perhaps, before releasing it, in case any new important bugs pops up.

Regarding next version, I have started a new section in the wiki called Roadmap. There I have given a few more details about 0.3.1 and what lies on the road towards 1.0 (there won't be a 0.4 version :)) I have also added in the same page a sub-section titled "Feature Requests", so that people can leave their own requests. I can't promise anything but at least, they will be considered!
  1. Trackback Trackback: pLog tb fix
    好啦,終於找到 pLog ä¸�能接收他站é€�來通告的原因了。原來是 trackback.php 裡 include_once çš„å•�é¡Œ :dead: 改æˆ
    Posted by 好啦,終於找到 pLog ä¸�能接收他站é€�來通告的原因了。原來是 trackback.php 裡 include_once çš„å•�é¡Œ :dead: æ”¹æˆ 16 Apr 2004, 13:05
  1. Comment Excellent Blogger!

    I love plog. I've featured it at

    However, issues persist and I'm getting frustrated. I'm willing to pay for swift repairs to the situations i'm going through (sudden broken links, recently published items dissappearing). Please help.

    Posted by Corey Burkes 24 Mar 2004, 15:12
  2. Comment very good!

    I need search section!

    Posted by andy 24 Mar 2004, 15:24
  3. Comment Plog Rocks!!!

    It is exactly what I wanted in a blogger.

    Posted by Rich 26 Mar 2004, 06:52
  4. Comment Simple and fast

    Does the job for me. Nice work.

    Posted by Mike 26 Mar 2004, 12:41
  5. Comment No Subject

    I am still having problems accessing pLog from the web root. When accessed from the /weblog/ folder all is well - when accesssed from the root folder I see:

    Exception message: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "blueish/main.template"
    Error code: 512

    I have updated from the CVS:
    blogcontroller.class.php v1.6
    templateservice.class.php v1.4

    what's next?

    Posted by A.Powell 26 Mar 2004, 20:25
  6. Comment bugs

    ... also admincontroller.class.php v1.11

    re-saved template from admin console. Still no joy ;-(

    Posted by A.Powell 26 Mar 2004, 20:33
  7. Comment bugs


    userpermissions.class.php v1.5

    following result:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class userpermissions in /class/dao/userpermission.class.php on line 16

    ... and I have now broken the previously working installation in /weblog.

    Posted by A.Powell 26 Mar 2004, 20:45
  8. Comment Armin

    take it easy , every software got some bug ! ;) even great ones ! :)

    Posted by Armin 27 Mar 2004, 05:02
  9. Comment bugs

    hehe - yeah, I figured it was time to take a break after that one!

    Could I ask for a complete 0.3.1 release soonish - I think a reload is in order. Unless someone has some ideas on how to fix the redeclaration problem

    Posted by A.Powell 27 Mar 2004, 09:12
  10. Comment 0.3.1

    A. Powell,

    I haven't heard of anybody who is running plog in the root folder and experiencing problems... The project page is running in the root, my personal page is running in the root folder, and so on.

    0.3.1 will come out soon, but I can't exactly tell you when. We're working on it, but a few weird problems have appeared so far and we're trying to fix them before the release.

    Posted by oscar 27 Mar 2004, 09:22
  11. Comment I love plog

    I love plog and I want to transfer my blog to plog.

    I hope you guys can pay more efforts on double-bytes blog enhance coding. That there are many Taiwanese, Japanese & Korean will like plog more and more.

    Posted by A-Bian 29 Mar 2004, 21:20
  12. Comment I'm running 0.3

    I got my server up again.
    I've upgraded to plog 0.3.
    It's very nice. I've got some issues with my template, my locale (pt_BR) and a plugin. That was very easy to adapt them to 0.3.

    About the new features, I liked very much the gallery. It is very nice.

    Posted by PsychoPenguin 01 Apr 2004, 02:05
  13. Comment wizard.php won't load

    well, sometimes i get this

    "Exception message: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home/d0ngp0p/
    Error code: 2
    -- Backtrace --
    /home/d0ngp0p/ session_start

    Exception message: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/d0ngp0p/
    Error code: 2
    -- Backtrace --
    /home/d0ngp0p/ session_start"

    sometimes i get nothing but a blank page with no source code. you can see the location above, i uploaded everything to the domain root. i've tried viewing the page on a mac in os 10.2 and 10.3 in opera, safari, and IE, and on win2k in IE with no changes. any ideas? i googled and searched different forums. but couldn't find anything like this.

    Posted by adam 02 Apr 2004, 02:02
  14. Comment test

    test, this is only a test... ignore!

    Posted by test 23 Aug 2004, 12:04