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pLog 0.3.1 beta1 released

The first testing version -and hopefully, last- of pLog 0.3.1 has just been released. It is only a maintenance release and while it adds a few new features, its main target is fixing most of the bugs that were found since 0.3 was released which unfortunately, were many more than we wished. Keep reading for more information about the new features and the bug fixes. Users who are already running 0.3 and wish to update to this version, do not need to run the installer script (wizard.php) again, as there are no changes to the database. Simply keep a copy of you, and then overwrite all other files with the ones from the packages. Put back your configuration file and your update will be complete.

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  • The register.php script has been fixed, it was unfortunately completely broken in 0.3.
  • All the template sets hide the comments form if comments have been disabled either for all posts or only for that one.
  • When the plugin manager was disabled, there was a warning message in the top of the page that shouldn't be there.
  • Several additional fixes were made, to make pLog work better if it was being referenced/used/included from a PHP file outside its folder --> See the following thread for more information:
  • There were several missing fields in the plog.sql file
  • If the javascript pop-up calendar was disabled, that was causing javascript errors.
  • Fixed the Date class to work with PHP 4.1 (thanks Carsten)
  • Added the zh_TW and ca_ES translations.
  • Now the files and folders uploaded via the 'Resource Center' should have correct permissions. Also, more checks are performed by the Resource Center options to make sure that all folders were created and have the right permissions. If they're not correct, it won't be possible to continue until there are created and/or fixed.
  • For some reason, IE was showing the sub-menu bar of the admin interface wrongly, and it was almost impossible to read.
  • The 'blueish' and 'grey' template were wrongly showing the timestamp of the original article as the timestamp of the posts, instead of showing the real timestamp.


  • If a user belongs to only one blog, he or she won't be asked to choose one from the list, but it will load the only blog straight away.
  • Added an Atom feed, version 0.3 (might need some tweaks)
  • Possibility to show the number of posts that were posted during a certain month, in the "Archives" section. The 'blueish' template set comes with this feature enabled, by using the getNumArticles() method.
  • Possibility to go to a certain blog by using the http://.../blog/username URL, in addition to the already existing one http://.../username, in case it is not possible for us to use custom ErrorDocument handlers (thanks nexia)
  • The summary.php script now also "obeys" the URL format settings (normal URLs or search engine friendly URLs) It wasn't so in 0.3 and earlier versions.
  • Added an additional '%l' modifier to the Locale::formatDate method (thanks nick)
  • The window with the list of resources is not automatically closed after adding one to the current post, in case we wish to add more than one.
  • It is now possible to specify time differences from -20 to +20 hours.
  • By popular request, it is now possible to show future events in the calendar as well as in the blog. This is some kind of a hidden and unsupported feature, and in order to be enable it, set the configuration parameter show_future_events_in_calendar to 1 in the table plog_config. This feature affects all blogs in your installation. It has been planned to implement it in a per-blog basis for next major release.
This information can also be found in the wiki. Use the wiki if you need documentation and use the forums is you have any problem and there is no solution or documentation for it in the wiki.
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  1. Comment yeah, i'm the One!

    thank god i'm the first to download it...

    ok, i'm a bit stressed about all these bugs and horrible behaviors... i don't know why such software was released before.. such a crap...

    oh, forgive me, i was refering to Windows XP on my VirtualPC.... pffft

    yeah, gonna get a peak on it.. clean install though...

    Posted by nexia 04 Apr 2004, 10:49
  2. Comment hey ho!

    and my lang file ?!...locale_fr_FR.php

    Posted by nexia 04 Apr 2004, 11:11
  3. Comment great job

    Great job ! thanks ! waiting for 1.0 ! ;)

    Posted by Armin 05 Apr 2004, 00:03
  4. Comment no mod_rewrite?

    what about mod_rewrite?

    Posted by anon 05 Apr 2004, 05:59
  5. Comment Re: no mod_rewrite

    No, no time for mod_rewrite. The system for adding more 'url generators', as we call them in plog, is very easy to understand. It should be very easy for anybody with minimal knowledge of php to add one.

    And please understand that we cannot fulfil every single wish of every single user. If you think about it, we have other things in our life other than satisfying everybody's wishes... It would be fantastic if we could, but there's a moment where you have to start prioritizing things, you know.

    Feel free to contact us if you want to have a look at implementing them. We will gladly support and help you in any way we can.

    Posted by oscar 05 Apr 2004, 06:33
  6. Comment Brasil - teste

    Olá, estou testando

    Posted by claudio volles 08 Apr 2004, 09:28
  7. Comment Provvedero

    Provvedero alla cartigienica.. grazie per il consiglio.

    Posted by Luca 09 Apr 2004, 07:58
  8. Comment Already running 0.3.1beta

    I'm already running it at

    I'm finishing the pt_BR locale soon.

    Posted by PsychoPenguin 12 Apr 2004, 01:27
  9. Comment Hi

    Nothing relevant to say, just testing your commenting system.

    Posted by dave 21 Apr 2004, 07:21
  10. Comment test of comment feature

    this is a test of the comment feature.


    Posted by dcb 17 May 2004, 20:28
  11. Comment reply to test

    yes this is a reply to the comment.


    Posted by dcb 17 May 2004, 20:30
  12. Comment hoho~~

    you're humourous

    Posted by deadcat 14 Jul 2004, 00:48