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pLog 0.3.1 released!

After a few weeks of testing, pLog 0.3.1 has been finally released. It includes all that was fixed in 0.3.1-beta1 plus a few more bug fixes and a few little goodies that have been thrown in for this version. The most outstanding issue is the trackback receiving feature, which was completely broken but was promptly reported by some of our forum users, and some better handling of the permissions of the resource files uploaded via the "Resource Center" feature.

For those of you wishing to upgrade from 0.3 or 0.3.1-beta to this version, there is no need to run the installer script again. Simply download and unpack the plog-0.3.1 package in the same folder where pLog is currently installed. Let it overwrite all the files (and add a new few ones) and everything should be fine.

For users wishing to upgrade from a previous 0.2.x release, the installer (wizard.php) script will take care of everything for you.

Please use the wiki when first looking for help or documentation, and use the forums whenever you can't find an answer there for your problem. Now, keep reading for the rest of improvements and bug fixes!
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  • The script that receives external trackback pings was completely broken. Now it should work fine (thanks MikeLu)
  • Improved the classes that take care of storing resources, and now the permissions of the folders created and files uploaded should be correct (no more strange permissions) Also, it will first of all check if the folders needed can be created and if not, display an error message (rather than letting the user continue as normal and showing strange behaviour later on)
  • Fixed some places where SQL-injection attacks could have been possible (thanks Daniel and Nick for reporting this)
  • Improved escaping of certain strings in certain parts of pLog (for example, the admin interface will display everything correctly if we for example have a category name with characters like '>', '<', etc)
  • Fixed a bug where the number of comments that a post had wasn't being correctly shown in the post page, after posting a comment.
  • Improved support for detecting whether GD1 or GD2 are installed (thanks sulleleven for the bug report)


  • Added the following methods: Blogs::getMostActiveBlogs, Blogs::getRecentBlogs, Articles::getMostReadArticles, Articles::getMostCommentedArticles (thanks jordi)
  • Improved the summary script, now there is a link to the blog in which the post was posted.
  • Added a partial (only the public side) fr_FR translation (thanks nexia)
  • It is now possible to drop a .template file in the templates/rss/ folder and have pLog use it to generate a new syndication format (should any new one appear while we release a new version of pLog :)) In order to use this feature, copy a file whatever.template to the templates/rss/ folder and then use the following URLs: http://.../rss.php?blogId=X&profile=whatever or http://.../rss/X/whatever, where X is the blog identifier and whatever is the name of the template file but without the .template extension. If the template file does not exist, the default one will be used instead of throwing a nasty error (thanks Nick for the inspiration :)
The complete list of changes from 0.3 to 0.3.1 can be found in the wiki section "What's new in 0.3.1".
  1. Comment First !

    Great job with plog :o)

    Posted by Fabtax 16 Apr 2004, 14:55
  2. Comment Oscar deserves an Oscar

    Thanks for making something great even greater ;)

    Remidner to those who may not realize the obvious.. if you are upgrading from beta, the instructions say to replace all files, but of course dont copy over any of your edited templates ;)

    Posted by michael 16 Apr 2004, 15:29
  3. Comment Nice work

    I just update my plog to 0.31, it works very well :)

    And I still waiting for Blog::getRecentPings and Blog::getRecentComments, haha, I am asking too much :)

    Thanks for this nice work.


    Posted by Mark Wu 17 Apr 2004, 14:23
  4. Comment How to implement "printable version"

    This function is very nice to have, would you please kindly let me know how to implement it?

    Posted by Mark Wu 17 Apr 2004, 14:46
  5. Comment Sogo, it is a plug-in

    Thanks, I just find it in plug-in. So amazing.

    Posted by Mark Wu 17 Apr 2004, 15:18
  6. Comment nice

    weleh kalo yg ini emang muanteb bgt ehehehe boleh di coba neh :)

    Posted by Ogarite 22 Apr 2004, 11:39
  7. Comment interesting

    good job

    Posted by gianni 23 Apr 2004, 14:39
  8. Comment Hello!

    1.If user can modify their templates in next must be a great function.

    Plog is very excellence!
    Thanks Plog team.

    And welcome to my PLog-->

    Posted by Blogit 06 May 2004, 22:19
  9. Comment hello blogit

    hello blogit.

    Posted by codesky 30 May 2004, 00:54