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Back in last summer, when pLog was nothing more than a project in diapers, Jordi and friends saw some potential in pLog and decided to start a catalan-speaking blogging community in Things started small, but the community hasn't stopped growing steadily ever since. The number of blogs and users is over a hundred at the moment, but the number of posts so far is well over thousands. As a result of the growth of the community, they are becoming an important meeting point for the Catalan bloggers and they get a reasonable amount of hits per day.
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Following the spirit of open-source software, they have made some changes to the base package of pLog, and most of them (if not all) have been fed back to the core code. Also, they have used the powerful template layer of pLog to make the summary page look as nice as it never did before, judge for yourselves!. And for all those potential pLog communities out there, a word of advice. It is clear that in the world of software, most of the times there is no "one size fits all". Since the very beginning we have tried to make pLog as open, simple and as customizable as possible and in many areas, we think that we have achieved this goal. If you need to make changes to pLog, please feel free to do so, and the development team will help you in any way we can. There are also many resources where to find information, such as the wiki or the forums, where the amount of useful information grows and grows every day! On behalf of the development team and all the people who have contributed in one way or another to make pLog what it is today, we can only thank for trusting in pLog since the early days. The last major release, 0.3, has become by far the most successful release so far and it gets more and more popular every day. 0.3 already has most of the features one would expect from a major blogging tool, and we think that despite some rough edges, we can successfully compare to other well-known tools such as Wordpress and MovableType. In the meantime, we have already started to work on the next version of pLog and we even have roughly documented what it will include. Happy blogging! :)
  1. Comment inquery

    may i get the summary page's template file and some suggestion on hack the core code? thanks!

    Posted by Yufeng 27 Apr 2004, 05:17
  2. Comment Re: inquery


    a plog 0.3.2 is on the way to be released soon so I'll try to see if I can get those modifications to be included in the final package. I have contacted the author so I am now waiting for an answer...


    Posted by oscar 27 Apr 2004, 10:24
  3. Comment ทดสอบไทย


    Posted by ทดสอบไทย 27 Apr 2004, 11:04
  4. Comment test


    Posted by somchai 27 Apr 2004, 16:52
  5. Comment thanks

    thanks for the quickly reply!

    Posted by Yufeng 27 Apr 2004, 20:26
  6. Comment No Subject

    What can i say ... PloG ownz !
    I did have a peek at: But i dont understand any of the .es language. Bsides that ... they prolly Rock ;)
    And ofcoz itz nize 2 C version 0.3.2 is comming, coz i luV new thingz :)

    grtz Appie

    Posted by Appie 29 Apr 2004, 13:35
  7. Comment test too

    2 ;)

    Posted by appie 2 03 May 2004, 15:34
  8. Comment Can anyone post a comment>

    Would you want that?

    Posted by Franklin 05 May 2004, 03:30
  9. Comment Too much choice.

    Geez, all of a sudden we can all put up a CMS, a News site, a Weblog or a photo gallery - great!
    There's such a wide choice of Open source Free Scripts out there that it's so damn hard to know which to choose.

    And then when I've decided and chosen a nice suitable software, I'm still not sure what content I'm going to fill it with!

    Oh for the simpler days..........ZZZZzzzzzz..!!!

    Posted by Dozy 06 May 2004, 19:37
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    Posted by afa 24 May 2004, 22:47
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    Posted by fa 24 May 2004, 22:48