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pLog welcomes asian users!

When we started to develop pLog, we knew that localization was going to be a very important feature for us. It might not shine as much as some other features, and it is often overlooked, but it has indeed become one of our "best selling" features. I was browsing the list of people who have reached this site recently (the list of referrers) and I was very happy to see that pLog has gained a lot of ground amongst asian users, specially Chinese users. I have also seen a few more sites offering blogging services in this list, and that is very exciting for us too :)

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From here, we would like to thank all these new users for using pLog and hope that they are going to stay with us and help us improve pLog. But we would like to thank even more the persons who did the "dirty" job of translating pLog to languages like simplified Chinese, Chinese or Japanese. We would have never reached many of these asian users without proper translations so thanks a lot, translators!
Finally, wouldn't it be fantastic if we could offer support in the forums in as many languages as possible? It is a fact that not everybody has had the chance to learn the English language, and that is why for example there is a forum section for Spanish speaking users. Why not having a section for Chinese, Japanese or any other language users?
We would of course need a few of you to help us with these tasks, since none of us speaks theselanguages. The profile should be of somebody with fair experience with pLog, willing to visit the forums once or twice a day at most (we don't expect it will generate too much work) And any issue that cannot be solved, could be "escalated" to development team for further inspection. If you're interested, please leave a comment here or in the forums!

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  1. Comment No Subject

    Great idea and thanks for providing us such a great blog script. I speak chinese and would love to help.

    Posted by Shawn Cong 07 May 2004, 12:47
  2. Comment No Subject

    Hi Shawn!

    first thing you should do is create your own user in the forums ( and then let us know about it, so that we can add you to the right user group... Also, when should we start? Are you really willing to stop by the forums at least once a day to see what's going on in the chinese section?


    Posted by oscar 07 May 2004, 14:32
  3. Comment thanks a lot

    So pleasure to hear that you wanna to pay more attention to localization ,I am Chinese and now using PLOG as my blog publishing really works well,thx

    Posted by towering 07 May 2004, 14:33
  4. Comment That's very well!

    Oscar,i'll mail my zh-CN language package for you!
    Glad to see plog team pay more attention @ asia country.

    Posted by Blogit 07 May 2004, 20:27
  5. Comment No Subject

    I am from HK, I really appreciate that plog
    is such a great and easy Blog-ware.....
    and the utf-8 feature let me construct my own blog easily.

    Need to say thanks also to Zonble who make the Chinese zh_TW templates....great work too.

    Oscar, Zonble, thanks again.

    Posted by matthew chin 07 May 2004, 20:29
  6. Comment it's a great idea!

    plog is a so great blog system, i hope more chinese user have chance to use it! thanks to the developers indeed!

    Posted by Yufeng 07 May 2004, 20:37
  7. Comment Do appreciate that!

    Coz I am also a Chinese user. And Plog did give me a great impression! Such a Kicking A*s script implemented great features like template and anti spam mail plugins... Hope I can see users speak chinese in forum soon!
    Anyway, I have post a question about how to use flash inside template in the forum, hope sb can help me with that, any comments will be appreciated! Thx!

    Posted by Liki 08 May 2004, 11:27
  8. Comment Wow

    So many Chinese users here. LOL
    And I'm another one out here. :D
    /me puts his hands up.

    Posted by canglan 08 May 2004, 23:57
  9. Comment Forum created!

    I have created a forum for chinese users, that should be attended in chinese. But I still need a few of you to contact me (those ones interested in helping out in the forum) so that I can add your forum users to the correct group there! Please drop me a message ( or in the forums!

    Posted by oscar 09 May 2004, 07:57
  10. Comment Thanks

    I'm pleased to hear that you'll pay attention to localization. I come from Taiwan, and use pLog building my blog. Discuss with Chiness will helpfull for me ( cause my poor English :p ). Thanks a lot :D

    Posted by evenrain 09 May 2004, 22:05
  11. Comment pLog is great~ ;)

    I am a KOREAN using pLog and am really enjoying pLog. This is so cool~
    and I love to make a korean translation of pLog or to do something else to help pLog community.

    Posted by Seunghyun. Cho 11 May 2004, 04:41
  12. Comment تست

    لا لا لا just testing

    Posted by me 11 May 2004, 17:12
  13. Comment Test

    Test :)

    Posted by Calling 17 May 2004, 04:53
  14. Comment Hello

    I hope to see plog future!

    Posted by Ali 17 May 2004, 14:25
  15. Comment Testing 123

    just checking out the commenting system

    Posted by dave 18 May 2004, 20:58
  16. Comment from jun

    well i m chinese student stay in france now. i ve tested many blog systems and finally dicided to plog. i d like to help for translation plog into chinese n korean.
    my msn:y1070AThotmailDOTcom.
    ps:with unicode(utf-8), for chinese-IE browsing, need to choose Language(utf-8) every time.may be its a problem in standard temp-file?

    Posted by jun 21 May 2004, 19:51
  17. Comment Hello

    I'am chinese.thanks for your plog.plog ,best

    Posted by chinese 23 May 2004, 17:28
  18. Comment nice

    i'm chinese 2

    plog is the best blog system in my mind...:)

    Posted by jpg 31 May 2004, 15:41
  19. Comment Thanks

    I'm from China.
    Glad to hear that pLog is paying more attention to support of Chinese code problem.

    BTW: UTF-8 is working well on my site,

    Posted by Hanzac 06 Jun 2004, 04:06
  20. Comment I love pLog

    Wow, it's unexpected that there are so many users from China. I'm also a chinese. Here is my pLog: PLog is my favarite blog system.

    Posted by Fasthold 07 Jun 2004, 10:51