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pLog welcomes asian users!

When we started to develop pLog, we knew that localization was going to be a very important feature for us. It might not shine as much as some other features, and it is often overlooked, but it has indeed become one of our "best selling" features. I was browsing the list of people who have reached this site recently (the list of referrers) and I was very happy to see that pLog has gained a lot of ground amongst asian users, specially Chinese users. I have also seen a few more sites offering blogging services in this list, and that is very exciting for us too :)

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From here, we would like to thank all these new users for using pLog and hope that they are going to stay with us and help us improve pLog. But we would like to thank even more the persons who did the "dirty" job of translating pLog to languages like simplified Chinese, Chinese or Japanese. We would have never reached many of these asian users without proper translations so thanks a lot, translators!
Finally, wouldn't it be fantastic if we could offer support in the forums in as many languages as possible? It is a fact that not everybody has had the chance to learn the English language, and that is why for example there is a forum section for Spanish speaking users. Why not having a section for Chinese, Japanese or any other language users?
We would of course need a few of you to help us with these tasks, since none of us speaks theselanguages. The profile should be of somebody with fair experience with pLog, willing to visit the forums once or twice a day at most (we don't expect it will generate too much work) And any issue that cannot be solved, could be "escalated" to development team for further inspection. If you're interested, please leave a comment here or in the forums!

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  1. Comment Thanks

    I am chinese.
    Oscar,Thanks for providing so good blog.

    Posted by jack 10 Jun 2004, 05:09
  2. Comment The best blog tool

    I am Chinese,I have try some blog tools,but "plog" is best,thanks!

    Posted by zhanxj 10 Jun 2004, 09:11
  3. Comment multiple language support

    As you see, a blog site may need to support English, Chinese, French, etc. at the same time. So the best encoding choice must be UTF-8.

    For such an intl. setting, the best choice for the interface language is English, however.

    So the hard-binding language with encoding is actually not so preferrable. For example, in the default en_UK locale, the iso-8859-1 is hard-bound. Well one can of course change the locale_en_UK.php file of course, but that's another story. You can not do this kind of switching from the global settings section.

    So I added a locale_en_UTF8.php, the only difference is the encoding being set to UTF-8. And then add this new locale file to the system. Well, now the interface is English, but all intl. languages, i mean, their speicial characters are supported on the same page.

    One problem: in the list of locale page in the global settings section, when the page encoding is UTF-8, it does not display properly because the existence of Espanol, Catalon... Since the descriptions are hard-included in the locale file again...

    However, in short, plog is great!

    Posted by swissblog 16 Jun 2004, 18:34
  4. Comment viet user

    Anyone here is viet user? I can speak & write in Vietnamese, just tell me what I can do to help :)

    Posted by neotruong 12 Jul 2004, 13:58
  5. Comment Re: viet user


    we would be interested in a vietnamese translation! Is there any email address where we can reach you?

    Posted by oscar 12 Jul 2004, 22:17
  6. Comment email

    yeah...mail me at

    Posted by neotruong 12 Jul 2004, 23:11
  7. Comment Thai

    About to install pLog... Have installed and tried everything else already, WP, TXP, EE, MT the lot.. pLog looks very promising. Will also give some feedback for Thai language issues that may arise. (Should be no problem though)

    Posted by Chanchao 21 Jul 2004, 01:15
  8. Comment Hey!

    I need to get more iformations!

    waiting a feedback!!

    Posted by Laura Vianna 28 Jul 2004, 15:58
  9. Comment No Subject


    Posted by 外勤 05 Sep 2004, 19:24
  10. Comment Japanese

    Great stuff!
    I am more than happy to provide help for Japanese users. Are there a lot of Japanese users anyways?

    Posted by Sho 28 Sep 2004, 02:01
  11. Comment Re: Japanese

    Hi Sho!

    We do not have exact figures regarding the number of japanese users using plog but we would be more than glad to help the japanese community to grow bigger! How about setting a japanese forum or some other activites like translated documents and so on? Please drop us a line in the forums or contact me directly at :)

    Posted by oscar 28 Sep 2004, 02:14
  12. Comment No Subject


    I've sent you an email. hope to hear from u soon:)

    Posted by Sho 28 Sep 2004, 21:25
  13. Comment great

    I am chinese,also a plog user.plog is a great blog system,thanks to the developers,Thanks for you good work.

    Posted by reins 11 Aug 2005, 09:42